Kenmore Elite 795 – SF46-515 repaired … what about my food!

Thank you for fixing my Elite Trio, SF46-515! Took three weeks from phone call to new parts installed! Pretty nice!

HOWEVER!!!! I’d like to know what Sears is going to do about all the “cooked” food I had to throw away! Eggs, yogurts, cottage cheese, summer squash, tomatoes, sandwich meat, butter, cheese …. all of it wasted! Groceries for 4, two of them teenagers …is EXPENSIVE! :(


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  1. Hi cburr929! Welcome to MySears! I am glad to hear that your fridge has been repaired. A SearsCares team member can visit on this thread in a bit with a reply, which will include their contact information. They will be happy to discuss the issues you had with your fridge and any food replacement with you.

    Once they post a response, I will be sure to email you to let you know so you can directly connect with them.


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