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  1. The F21 code indicates that the control detects a long drain time. That code can be caused by excessive suds. The suds problem could cause both the code and the leaking around the door in some situations. I recommend that you check for excessive suds during the wash cycle. If you see that problem, then you may need to check your detergent to make sure that it is HE (High Efficiency) rated detergent. You may also need to adjust the quantity of detergent that you use. Even when using HE detergent, you will normally not need more than 1 tablespoon of detergent for a normal wash load.

  2. Is there any visible damage to the rubber seal that goes around the glass on the door? If not, my first recommendation would be to clean the rubber, especially where it contacts the glass on the door. If there's lint built up on the rubber, it can act as a channel for water, allowing it to exit the machine.

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    Are you using the recommended amount of HE washing detergent in your machine?

    Using more detergent than recommended in the manual or non-HE rated detergent will affect the performance of your machine.

  3. Please quote the full model number of your machine. It will start with 3 digits followed by a period, (eg 110.). This will allow a more detailed answer.