Kenmore Oven Model 790 – Takes 15 minutes to preheat to 350. The broiler does not come on during preheat, is that correct. My old Kenmore preheated faster that the new one.


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  1. Kenmore Oven Model 790.92809014...Bought this oven in May '12 and has worked fine upto a couple of weeks ago. Whenever, i push Bake Preheat- the default of 350 degrees comes up and it will take about 7-10 minutes to preheat (works perfect). However, when i Type in a setting...Lets say 430 degrees and push start, it takes about 1 1/2 hours to reach 430 degrees and i dont see the red burners heating up, like when i use the default one.
    I have unplugged, Took off Back Panel check for bad wiring....Checking see if i could get some info/advice

  2. The broiler and baking elements should run alternately during pre-heat. Can you provide the rest of the model number? The 790 part only tells us who manufactured the range. The rest of the number tells us what model it is. The 790 is akin to "Ford," and the rest is akin to "Mustang." It's a common misunderstanding.

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