Last evening the ground drive belt for my Craftsman Tractor broke. I do not blame Sears or anyone for that. In ordering a replacement belt the Sears Online parts order system would not allow me to select either Priority or Expedited Shipping. I need this belt now because I use this tractor for snow removal. Both Parts Direct and Customer employees did their jobs as I am sure they were trained, they read the scripts off their computers. I NEED THIS BELT NOW NOT IN EIGHT DAYS. THE US POSTAL SERVICE, UPS, FEDEX AND ALL WOULD BE DELIGHTED GO TO YOUR DC AND GET MY BELT TO ME TOMORROW AND I WILL BE ABLE TO CLEAR MY DRIVEWAY. WHY IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO USE OTHER CARRIERS TO MOVE EXPEDITED PARTS. WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE SEARS GETS AN F.

This belt for my tractor is not stocked at our local store.


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  1. Hi Ceb4825, I am sorry you cant get faster shipping but what I found in ordering a belt for a tractor I was offered 3 day service, which I feel is great and there should be a whole page on the sears parts direct for you to decide what shipping you would like. I hope this will help you out.

    1. In response to SHC-BillW

      A customer needs an item, and is willing to pay the cost of overnight shipping. A 3 day wait is not great to that customer, not getting what they need when they need it is, to them, a total failure of the company.

      I would recommend that the customer take the old belt to a local auto parts store, and see if they can match it to either an in stock belt or one that they can get the same day from a local jobber warehouse. Smaller companies have not forgotten that the customer is the one that keeps them in business