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  1. Hi gem ski, sounds like you have a weak battery. Set the parking brake and try jump starting it from a car or battery pack like the Diehard portable power models. Let us know if the jump doesn't work.

  2. Hi gemski,

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    Do you know the make and model number of your Lawn Tractor?

    This may be of importance to your Sears Lawn & Garden Experts in answering your questions for you.

    Once a response has been provided I will be reaching out via email linking you back to your original thread.

    Thank you!

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      gemski, Three things are need to start the tractor. You need spark, gas and compression. The place to start is removing the spark plug. Now position the plug so the metal end of the plug is against the engine or another clean unpainted metal ground point. Keep your hands away from the plugs so you do not get shocked, and turn the key to the start position. Look for sparks at the ends of the Spark Plug. Look careful as they might be hard to see in sunlight or other bright lights. If there is spark there then you have ignition, the first of the three basics. If not, you likely have an electrical problem that needs to be traced. Check for fuel next. Check the tips of the plug you just removed, if fuel is reaching the engine there should be some residue there and they should look somewhat wet. Check these two things first. You can reply back with any additional details for further assistance.