Lawn tractor won’t start. Replaced the old solenoid. When I try to start the tractor the solenoid emits a sound. Help !


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  1. Aspbury

    I am sorry you are having with the tractor. If the solenoid will make a noise when you turn the key the wiring to activate the solenoid seems to be working. I would try to turn the flywheel by hand first. This will tell you if the engine is locked up or not. If the flywheel will turn, I recommend checking all the battery cable connections. If they were fine, I would try to jump-start the tractor. The instructions for jumping the tractor should be posted in the owner's manual. If will not start by jump starting the problem is likely a defective starter.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance. Thank you Mark

  2. Hi Aspbury! Welcome to MySears! The Lawn and Garden Experts will be able to help troubleshoot this tractor issue for you. If you could also post the model number of that tractor, it would be very useful in giving you the most accurate answer.

    Check back soon for a reply!