March 2006 I purchased a front load Kenmore washer and dryer. I also have a current service contract which will expire January 2013. A service tech came on Dec. 11th. Parts need to be ordered costing $1,296.48 plus labor. The washer only cost $599.98 in 2006. This is double the amount to repair. The contract says if it can be repaired it will be. However one part needed is over $600.00. More than the washer cost. It is more cost effective to just let me get a new one.


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  1. I agree, replacement would be a more sensible solution in most cases. I do have two questions, though, which might help explain the repair versus replace decision. What is the model number of your washer? Are the washer and dryer stacked?

  2. This response will likely self destruct as soon as the censor sees it.
    From what I can understand of this and similar situations is that generally Sears will repair the machine if at all possible. It is my belief that this is likely to be your best option as you will, hopefully end up with a working machine.
    However should Sears, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the machine is 'irreparable' they will offer you a gift card, or credit, towards the purchase of a new washer but you will have to pay the balance and the credit will almost certainly only be valid at Sears.

    1. In response to inquisitivemind

      I think that is what will happen, they will give you a credit and you will have to find something to replace the washer with. Meaning you will have to add on to the credit and pay out of pocket.

      Here is the clause on the MPA.

      "COVERAGE FOR REPLACEMENT. We have the sole right to determine whether a Covered Product will
      be repaired or replaced. If we determine that a Covered Product is not repairable due to unavailability of
      functional parts or technical information (a “Non-Repairable Covered Product”) we will replace the Non-
      Repairable Covered Product with a comparable product. We will determine and authorize the replacement
      amount, but you will ultimately select your product replacement from a Sears or Sears affiliated store.

      You will have up to ninety (90) days from the date of authorization to begin the selection process."

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