Members can now Chat Live with Store Associates

Sears has rolled out a feature called “Store Assist” on Shop Your Way Mobile.

Tired of emailing Sears general support for store questions???

The app allows members to select their local store, and bring up a list of all online/offline associates from the various departments.

The Store Assist feature is currently in beta and only available to connect with stores that have sales associates/staff equipped with Ipads and iHelds.

Associates that are offline can still receive messages which they will be able to read whenever they next login / return to work.


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      • San Jose, CA

    The employees are going to have to find a spot on the floor to "hide" while iComminicating.

    Customers don't even like to see two or more employees "talking" to one another, right now.

    It sounds like a very progressive feature, though.

  1. Hi! This sounds like a great idea as I do try to \\\'stay with\\\' the associate that is helping me so they get the sale. BUT, I just tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Sears Mobile App and could not find the Store Assist feature. Where is it?

    1. In response to Mr-Michael

      Hi Mr-Michael!

      The Member Assist option is available on the Shop Your Way App, not through the Sears Mobile App. Once you download the Shop Your Way App, click the little "menu" icon in the top left hand side of your screen. Scroll down a bit until you see "Member Assist App". Just click there to get started.

      Would love to hear your feedback-please let us know how it goes!

  2. Hi there Civsci !

    Although I've never had reason to initiate
    a live chat with a Sears associate,
    the help-tool you mention is for mobile
    applications and I do not use my cell phone
    for chat or online shopping etc.

    Does Sears have a live chat tool attached to help with website browsing
    from my home computer?

    1. In response to TheTradesman

      They do, TheTradesman! You can chat with a Customer Service team member right on I use it ALL the time, actually. It is located on the right hand side of this page. They are super helpful!

    2. In response to TheTradesman

      Thanks Julie for the information and links to customer service, however I still see no actual "live chat button" to initiate a chat. I thought perhaps it might be disguised by other wording so I clicked here and there with no success. I checked right and left sides of page especially the "contact Sears" section where I can email, initiate a phone call etc. but no familiar live chat button.

      This search has a strange similarity to me asking my wife where the scissors might be hiding and I can't find them, even with good instruction. :-)

    3. In response to TheTradesman

      That made me laugh, Tradesman!

      It is only there when they are available to chat (which is about 95% of the time you check!). Refresh the page, and you should see it! If not, it may take another minute or so.

      • San Jose, CA

    Are the store employees "exempt" from store duties, while answering the store tweets?

    As a frequent store visitor, I'm not sure how people like me, visiting a local store, should react to someone physically "in the store" communicating with the sears "cloud".

    Hopefully, the employee metrics will be adjusted down by the number of messages and chats they will be required to answer.

    Can't sell something in the store, while typing...

    1. The Ipad will make a sound, and the employee will have 2 minutes to click "accept conversation", if the employee is busy with a customer it will be forwarded to either store staff or CCN.

      Futhermore, instead of just messages, a customer can leave a request for Call Back. And the associate will have a specific amount of time to answer before it is escalated.

    2. the associate can click "busy" and it is immediately forwarded to either store management or CCN.

  3. Hey Civsci, have you sen the Member Assist video? Just search Sears Cerritos on YouTube.

    1. In response to madgolfer

      Haha, that is pretty clever, almost make me want to call them through my Ipad ^_^

      I hear eventually Member Assist will have video streaming.
      Nothing like being able to show customer products Live from the store... haha ;)

  4. Thanks for posting, Civsci! Pretty awesome feature! Very innovative and an amazing way to serve our customers!