More Celebrities use Shop Your Way!

Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine are the latest celebrities to join our social shopping network. Follow them:

Nicki Minaj:

Adam Levine:


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  1. I laughed when I read that press release a couple of days ago. Too funny!! SHC still has it all wrong!!!

    1. In response to ServiceLocally

      Have you checked out the Win Your Way daily sweepstakes at Shop Your Way? If you are already posting, might as well get paid to use the site :)

    2. In response to ServiceLocally

    3. In response to ServiceLocally

      To share a little story:

      SHC gets a little better every day, the other day I awarded one of our members extra 10% of their purchase price (we already had the best price) to their SYWR account for being a repeat customer (they got 15%back in total)

      They used those funds they just earned that same day to buy a FREE gas range...

      The advantage gap between members and non-members will increase more and more as Sears shifts to a member based model.

      Celebrities are a nice perk, some of the win your way sweepstakes, 218 in total as of right now, include some signed items from them.

    4. In response to ServiceLocally

      That is an amazing story, Civsci! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't even imagine how happy that couple was to be able to use their points for such a huge purchase.

  2. How much is Sears paying them to do so?

    1. In response to BigMike4511

      Nicki Minaj will launch a fashion line at Kmart and Shop Your Way
      and Adam Levine will be launching a clothing and accessory line.

  3. Hi Civsci,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful information within our MySears Community! ;)

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