More & More “Made in China” Craftsman tools?

This site doesn’t look like the old forum style site where we “as pseudo valued customers” could post our comments for Sears to hear and hopefully act upon.

Anyway, as a 45+ year supporter of the Craftsman name & product line I have mentioned in the past about the new lineup of crappy tools made in China. If you want us professionals, & more skilled home tool users, to keep buying your tools, I’d STRONGLY URGE Sears to make the hand tools in the USA. 1st off, if I want to add tools to my Craftsman collection, I WILL NOT add China made Craftsman tools (such as socket wrenches, hand wrenches, and combination ratchet wrenches, Screwdrivers, bits etc.). I went to purchase a set of Craftsman combo ratchet wrenches in both Metric & SAE today. Nothing but China made **** again & more than it was 1 yr ago!! Get with it!!! Sears is in trouble, and you are just adding more and more reasons for the loyal shoppers to leave you. I want to continue to use your store & truly attempt to purchase anything I can from you. I may be done with the tools for both my 3 businesses & personal collection now. ($ 1500-$3000/yr ). I would be really ticked if one of my fine USA made hand tools went bad and you tried to give me a P.O.S. replacement that’s Made in China. They don’t last & they don’t work right. Take my word on it, I actually use them. Will switch to Mac or Snap-On and will pay the money for good tools. Hope you can get things together soon or another large USA Icon (SEARS) will be history. You CAN purchase Chinese junk tools at Wally World & Target and so many others. Make you cheap stuff, Companion Brand in China if you want. It was always for the inexperienced or budget tool user. But “CRAFTSMAN” was always great tools years ago. Have many that are 50 yrs old and still great.



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      • San Jose, CA

    If you're willing to spent "truck tool money" than you might want to take a look at the Craftsman Premium 84-tooth ratchets or the Craftsman Industrial brand tools, sold by 3rd party dealers.

    Other MUSA tools include Craftsman screwdrivers, pliers, tin snips, Carpenters' tools and Lawn & Garden stick tools (shovels and ****).

    The Craftsman metal tool ornaments are MUSA items, too.

    All of the tools still being made HERE are labelled on their packaging.

    Good hunting!

    1. Why is it if you want the craftsman tool (the good ones) you have to pay extra and they are sold by a 3rd party dealer? Hmm.. and why does the customer have to do all the hunting to find these tools? Plus you are still pushing your x-mas tree ornaments, people want what craftsman use to stand for, great long lasting tools not the junk that is sold today! First you say the tools aren't made in China, then you say all they have to have is a musa label, now you're saying the really good tools are sold by a 3rd party dealer! Make up your mind AdamO I think you're better off selling your x-mas craftsman tool ornaments and leave the craftsman tool sales to someone who respects the customers.

        • San Jose, CA

      The Sears tools are being offered in "tiers" of quality and price, for about as long as Sears has sold tools (I got the old Craftsman tool catalogs.).

      Pay more for a tool and you tend to GET more from the tool.

      The amazing thing is that, until very recently, you didn't have to pay THAT much more to get a more Professional feeling or Industrial use type of tool.

      Only recently has the space between the various tiers lengthened, along with the distance between costs of the tools.

      As for third party sales, there have been Industrial Craftsman tools sold since the early 90's, with a different selection than what the stores, standard catalog, OR Internet retail sites offer.

      There are still a good number of Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, Craftsman Premium and Craftsman Industrial tools that are of MUSA origins.

      I have loads of respect for customers, having sold Craftsman tools for years, having restored tools for longer, and collecting some of the older tools for decades.

      However, if someone isn't respectful to ME, well, Yin & Yang, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb, Turn about is all that is fair in War & Peace...

      You get the drift of what I'm saying, I'm sure.

        • San Jose, CA

      It's NOT FAIR that there is no longer a Full Service offering gasoline station any where to be found, either.

      Times change.

      You want US Made items?

      Then you "dig" for them.

      They're now like little pieces of gold.

      You've got to go through a lot of "other things" to get to the gold.

      Percentages of MUSA items goes "up" the farther "back" you go in a tool's manufacturing date.

      Sometimes the formerly owned tools are in better condition than the new tools, having already been tuned and having been taken care of from the start of their working lives.

    2. New Jersey, you have to go to Jersey to get full service. Its the law there.

  1. Alan1 I don't get this site either. I left a comment yesterday about the tools being made in China and now I can't find it any where. I don't know if they got rid of your ? from the other day or just got rid of the more vocal responses. Anyway I agree with you about Sears. This company is selling out on America and as far as I'm concerned they can pack up their whole kit -n- kaboodle and move to China. I would rather pay alittle more money and get quality American made tools. Maybe the next 4 years will see an improvement. Right now my husband buys snap-on tools. Every month a snap-on tools rep. will come to Ketchikan and meet with anyone that is having trouble with any of their tools or wants to order something. Isn't that amazing a real live person to deal with and not a telephone robot.

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      In response to Alaskanbikelady

      If you look for MUSA (Made in the United States of these Americas) Craftsman tools, you can still find "new" tools in the stores and a LOT of MUSA old Craftsman tools.

      I like to rebuild old tools, including Craftsman ratchets.

      People have all SORTS of good reasons to take better care of their old MUSA Craftsman tools, now.

      Exchange it for a new tool and there is a good chance your MUSA Craftsman will have been redefined by the new tool, that looks very "close" to the old tool.

      Or, an old ratchet can be exchanged for another equivalent MUSA rebuilt ratchet.

      Some stores even have one or two old timers who "remember" how to work on the old ratchets.

      Fewer people still, have greater access to formerly used parts to repair drive gears and pawls that have been ripped apart by their ratchet owner, while a "fix-n" stuff, without the aid of a Break-Loose-Bar.

      I think Craftsman calls them "Flex Handles"...

  2. I have the same concerns about quality and treasure my older Craftsman tools that much more. Shop carefully and buyer beware. Economics has a big role in what gets made-in-the-usa and Craftsman is not the first nor will be the last. Some of the imported tools are lousy while others like GearWrench are actually really nice. Too bad Sears did not choose to stay with the imported Evolv lineup as the lower grade to the upper spec Craftsman lineup.

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      In response to Vimk

      Check out the Craftsman Premium ratchets and the new Craftsman Industrial lines of tools.

      I see MUSA tools, with the Craftsman name on them!

    1. In response to Vimk

      Did you know there is a place is China called Musa? So when these so-called musa products come out and still aren't the same quality. That is why, China floods the market with these so-called musa made products. Like you say - you see musa tools with Craftsman name on them. China has even taken and rebuilt caterpillar equipment with all the same colors and names and even used the same seriel numbers and then sold them over here. People thought they were buying the real thing, just like the craftsman tools.

    2. In response to Vimk

      My last response was for AdamO

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      In response to Vimk

      MUSA is an acronym that stands for "Made in US of A".

      So. A MUSA product wouldn't be a Chinese made product.

      They're mutually exclusive from one another.

      MUSA is Good!

      China is a "maybe" good, product...

    3. In response to Vimk

      Read my 10/24/12 reply. You're stuck on auto pilot as far as answering any ? Sears has you well trained. I said Musa is a place in China. With that label they can black market anything, believe I know. I own a construction company and will not buy any new heavy construction equipment, they also had the label Musa on them and seriel numbers supposedly from the U.S. Listen to your customers they are not happy and there is a reason for it. The quality is not in craftsman anymore and just because you keep saying it is won't make it happen. So at least treat your customers with respect and tell them the truth. Do your research! I have.

        • San Jose, CA

      In response to Vimk

      I'm just walking around different stores' Tool Departments and seem to be able to STILL find a fair amount of Made in the US of A made tools.

      MUSA is a term used to describe an American Made item, and has not appeared on any packaging, that I've ever seen.

      A LOT of tool OEMs are moving their tool production off continent, which is a shame (or shameful).

      However, I've seen some new MUSA items offered for sale in the stores of late.

      Does your construction company use "shovels"?

      If so, there are some great new Craftsman, red-fiberglass handled tools, that have the USA label emboss stamped into the shovel blades in two to three inch high letters.

      There are also some wooden handled, MUSA UNION company made stick-tools offered, too.

      The Craftsman tools' lifetime warranty is going to be longer though.

      The shovels are right IN the Winter Wonderland display area, which is very close to the Craftsman holiday tool display, that has the Craftsman ornaments and holiday scenes collection of items in between the two displays.

      The Craftsman mugs are back downstairs in Housewares. They couldn't find no "room" for them in the Tool Department.

    4. In response to Vimk

      I think it's a joke went to buy some tools today from Sears almost all them said made in China I put them back on self I'll go to snap on no more craftsmen for me

    5. In response to Vimk

      Chinese made could be good . When the coporate elite decide to move operations overseas they can pay on par to MUSA for their products and get the same quality or they can pay MIC prices and get the poorer quality goods . The lower price is the reason for moving off shore Coporate does not care about "quality". after five or six years of the Chinese made goods they will be as common place as the foreign source car parts we all have to buy and no one will be the wiser. us old timers will have one foot in the grave and the new generation of tool users will never had, had the opportunity to know an American made tool anyway. That is what the corporations are banking on, people who never knew qulity anyway. Pretty simple.

    6. In response to Vimk

      I'm in the UK,I've bought Craftsman tools online and enjoyed using them (I'm a 7 days a week,above middle aged self employed mechanic). They WERE like Britool used to be in the UK.
      Here in England our Government doesn't understand history,quality,manufacturing,or entrepenurial spirit.
      Sad to say it seems to be the same in the USA.