Most parts no longer available for Sears/Craftman products unless I email and pay exorbitant shipping.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Have you used the long model number of your product to look up its assembly diagram, list of parts, they're availability and price, from the Sears Parts site?

    The shipping is not "cheap". But, it isn't designed to be part of the profit equation, either.

    One useful "trick" is to not order standard hardware store obtainable parts.

    Just the "handling" fee for those parts is like paying for an aspirin while visiting the hospital - expensive.

    I think I remember reading Sears Parts Direct having access to over 7 million parts for keeping past and present machines in operation.

  1. Hello nailen1,

    I would like to help you find the part(s) that you are referring to. If you would like to reply with the model number of the product that you are working on, I will try to find a solution for you. I look forward to assisting you with this part issue.


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