Moved into a new place and I wanted the HE Kenmore matching washer/dryer with the pedestals. However, the area where the washer/dryer will go will not allow these front loaders to be raised. (like the set I had 5 years ago that were awesome. Kenmore HE front loaders on pedestals) I got some good help from Experts, but I got so confused about what companies are making what machines now. Also, not clear on some topics the Experts raised about making sure I get a certain washer so that I can reach an area that collects coins and other things that were in the pockets of cloths. I will need to get the top loaders, even know I thought the Kenmore HE spinning capability in the machines I had 5 years ago was top notch. What is a top of the line as far as the basics (no extra bells/whistles) but can hold up to a clean freak and has a great spin cycle and ability to agitate the cloths without getting things caught so they tear. The washer I had 5 years ago, did not have anything in the middle of the washer and I guess that was because it was a front loader. Do they have top loaders that are HE and do just as good of a job as what one of the first Kenmore HE washer that came out did? No need to do a lot of laundry at once, but like extra rinse cycle and a great spin cycle to save on the drying. I would like to get the matching set online at Sears and have it delivered and installed (if they still do that). Are the stainless steel braided water hoses worth getting? The dryer needs to be electric and the power outlet has 3-prongs (if I am saying that correctly. I am not a fan of Whirlpool, but I loved the great machine I had about 5 years ago that was made by Kenmore, was a front loader, HE, and had the best spin cycle that the dryer had to hardly ever work very much.

Prefer white. Prefer a set that was built to go together. Not a fan of a lot of options, but I do like the double rinse option, water level selector, not super sensitive with the off balance, not sure about top loaders, but because of space, I think I am forced to go with a top loader, unless I do not put them on pedestals.


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  1. Alrighty, Kooler! The Appliance Team gave a terrific reply. Hope it helps:

    Only the front loaders have an area where coins are collected. With top loaders, these should just collect at the bottom of the drum. Based on your key needs, high spin speed to minimize drying time and a built-in heater for improved cleaning performance, you may also want the pickup capacity, which is an added benefit. Here are a couple of recommendations:

    026-31522-000 – Kenmore Elite Top Load HE washer with built-in heater. Spin speed is 1050 RPM
    026-61522-000 – Kenmore Elite electric steam dryer.

    This pair launched back in August and is Kenmore’s largest capacity washer. This pair is currently priced at $999.99 each ($300 off!)before our great Sears card savings offer.

    If you would like something a little less expensive the following Kenmore pair would be a great option:
    026-28002-000 – Kenmore Top Load HE washer with StainBoost, Soak and Timed Oxi. Spin speed is 800 RPM
    026-68002-000 – Kenmore electric dryer.

    Although this pair has been around for a couple of years, it still has a Best in Class Cleaning claim for the smaller capacity top load HE washers. This pair is currently priced at $799.99 each ($140 off!) before the Sears card savings.

    You also stated that you need a 3 prong dryer cord. There are two available options. The four foot version is 026-49387-000, which should be the item that prompts online. The other option is a six foot version, 026-49787-000.

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

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      I am trying to find out where this terrific reply from the Appliance Team is. I do not think a dryer in the washer is what I had in mind. I was just talking about how I liked my Kenmore HE 5 years ago for the way it had a great spinning ability and the cloths came out of the WASH needing very little drying. However, the dryer is a vital part of hygiene, and dealing with all kind of dust mites or other things nobody wants in their sheets, so a dryer that has a good drying ability is vital. I do not think adding a dryer to the washer is something I would like.

      What I tried to say, in the area I have now for the washer/dryer, I can't use pedestals. Being 6'4, and getting up there in age with all the spine issues, bending over for a front loader might be an issue. I would prefer a front loader but the area where the washer/dryer go will not accommodate that high of a machine and pedestal.

      I am wondering if the reply above next to your name tag is what the Appliance Team gave. if not, can you lead me to the reply the Appliance Team gave?


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      How can I get ahold of BlueCrewGuy? He made a reply from an earlier post I made, but I am not able to follow his answers. I think he helped me on the old site (which is the link I would love to have), but I do not see his name listed on this site. Any suggestions on how I can reach him? The post he made to my post on 9/28 needs some clarification, and I would like to get his recommendation on a good top loader. Does Sears deliver and install a new washer/dryer?

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      Well aside from this forum he has a Twitter:

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      Hi there! I was on vacation. :) If you're looking for HE top-loading machines, the Kenmore Elite 31522 offers 4.7 cubic feet of capacity, all-stainless steel interior, high spin speeds (1000 RPM max), and a built-in water heater for sanitizing. It heats the water up to around 150 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the germs and bacteria in whatever you are washing on the Sanitary cycle (mainly for towels and sheets). The matching dryer (61522) is priced the same as the washer.

      The next step down from that machine is the 31512, which eliminates the window in the lid (some people love to see how the machine works), loses some of the cycles, and drops the built-in water heater (no sanitizing). It has the same high spin speeds, large capacity, and all-stainless steel interior.

      If you want a smaller machine, the Kenmore 28002 is 3.6 cubic feet, with 800 RPM max spin speed. The washplate at the bottom is plastic rather than stainless steel, but it doesn't affect performance or durability in any significant way. It also has a timed Oxi-Clean dispenser in addition to the standard detergent and fabric softener dispensers.

      One thing must be brought up: there are no water level selectors on high-efficiency washing machines. They use a load sensor to determine how much water is required and only use as much as is needed. It's always best to make sure folks know exactly what they'd be buying. I'm not a fan of surprises, unless it's cake. ;)

      Yes, Sears most certainly delivers and installs new washers and dryers. The new machines will require hoses ($10.99) and a dryer hookup kit ($36.99 - flexible vent, elbow, hose clamps, and cord). Delivery is $69.99 on weekdays, $79.99 on weekends, and disposal of old appliances is $10. The delivery team will unbox the appliances, put them in place, level them, hook them up with the new connections, and make sure they run.

      Good luck!

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      Sorry you are not satisfied with the answer above, Kooler1! Looks like BlueCrewGuy replied below. If that is not a sufficient answer to your needs, I am happy to do a bit more digging for you to come up with a different solution. Just let me know!

    6. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Well Julie I appreciate your transcription. I have no idea why I do NOT get email notifications that a reply or post has been made, but I have been complaining about that for a year now with no change. As far as the specifics listed in your post, I am not sure where you got a built in heater and pick-up capacity. I never knew washer came with a heater. I do not know what the pick up capacity is. Back when BlueCrewGuy (I think his name was) recommended a pair for my needs, I think it was something like the Kenmore Cabrio. I do not know if you have that thread, but the one you sent to me did not have his recommendation in it. That came before the thread you sent to me awhile back.

      why would the lower cost pair have a washer that is over twice as small as the dryer capacity? I read you usually want a dryer about 1.5 times the size of the washer.

      In looking at the current Sears bundles, the top washer you listed does not get the best reviews. The top one you mention only gets 1 star and one lady said the washer spun so fast it fell apart. When the techs came out they could not believe what they saw. Sears even tried to charge several people about $600 over what the sale price was. Any bundles that really are highly rated?? Now I would really like to know if Sears still delivers and installs a washer/dryer if there are existing hook ups?

    7. In response to SHC-JulieK

      I just saw this post. I have no idea why I stopped getting emails when there is a new post. when I put a washer/dryer bundle in the cart the delivery is free or I try to use a link from an email that says free delivery. Aside from that, it has never asked me for the kits and extras for the install. I get to the pay screen and think I have the wrong machine, that I need to read a few more posts and I leave the cart. As far as the machine, I was really hoping for the front loader with pedestals but the place I moved to has a part wall that is where the hook ups are that will be in the way and I am not talented enough to remove it. If you had your selection on the best bundle washer/dryer with no useless bells & whistles, what would it be? I mean I have used a washer or my cloths have been washed in a washer without a heater for 50 years and I do not think my cloths ever gave me a serious illness. Is the heater concept kind of like the obsession some of us have in hand sanitizers everywhere? I love the ability to select water level. I think that can be important even being water conscious. I like that the Kenmore front loader HE had an awesome spin mode and it sounded like a perfectly tuned instrument. do I need that much RPMs? I do not know. I really think the dryer should be about twice as big as the washer. I use oxiclean or a type all the time. I have this obsession of letting my washer dry out between uses and to put it through a clean cycle every so often. I like the double rinse if that is needed for whatever reason. Your pick would be appreciated?

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      It is 11/12 and I just saw the answer from BCG. I still do not know why I stopped receiving emails when a new post or reply is in. that started about a year or so ago.

  2. Hi Kooler1! I think you asked this question back on the old site and I don't remember the exact reply! I am sure a few members can offer a suggestion or two.

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      Julie - Back on the 'old' site he was enquiring about front loaders.

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      I did on the old site, but life brings change and sometimes it is not expected. The place I had to sell I could have had the front loaders on pedestals, but in the new place, I do not have enough room for the pedestals. I think I tried to explain this in my recent post.

      I wish I could have the old posts back, but I have no idea how to get them. Julie thought she was giving me an old link to some replies, but not the replies that gave me specific answers to my questions. I am not interested in getting the link to the argument 2 Experts had after the main post I made. That was not helpful to me.

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      JulieK, it is very frustrating because I have never received an email telling me there are replies to my post for about the past year. I try to remember where this post is and I try to remember to look to see if there is another reply. When you changed the website, I had tried to contact you many times with no result. I am wondering if you can put the picture I had in my profile to the new website?

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      Kooler1 - 'Experts' are employees of 'Sears'. I am not and have never been an employee of 'Sears'. The 'Expert' I believe you are trying to contact has made a few contributions to this 'new' site under the name of BlueCrewGuyInMA. he also has a website at: but there has been no new comment on that since May of last year.

    5. In response to SHC-JulieK

      We are unable to add a photo for you, but you can do so, if you would like! Just click your name on the top of the page. From there you will see an "About Me" tab. There you will find an option to "change your picture", and can do so there. Hope that helps! Let me know if you run into trouble.

    6. In response to SHC-JulieK

      I thought maybe you would have transferred the old picture. I do not have any online of me. Any idea on how I can get an email when a new reply or post is made on one of my posts?

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