mower starter gets stuck

I just bought a new craftsman 140 cc low mower and I can’t get the starter to pull beyond a few inches. I am holding the safety down, but it still won’t pull. Any suggestions?


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  1. Hello katea123456. I agree with madgolfer. Check the handles as suggested in that post. Refer to the installation instructions if necessary. That should fix your problem.

  2. Hi Kate, handles seem a little low? Check the assembly instructions, you need to unscrew the thumb screws at the base of the handles, pull the handles out and reinstall the screws, good luck

  3. Hi katea123456! Let's see if our Lawn and Garden experts have any suggestions. Can you post your model number for us, as well? That will help them to troubleshoot this issue more efficiently. Thanks!

      • San Jose, CA

    Have you checked the oil level in the engine?

    Does the blade turn freely?

    Is the blade free to turn where you are attempting to start the engine?

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