My 10 years old Kenmore refrigerator top freezer so cold you see white air flowing out when open door, but lower refrigerator temperature just cool but not cold, I can feel cold air flow down from vent in back, but still can not make low friger cold, seting is on high already, any suggestion.

already clean coil in bottom of friger, and turn off power,thaw out all build up ice.


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  1. mbbe, Thank you for the updates. The two slots on the ceiling of the refrigerator are the return vents opeings. The evaporator fan usually works or does not. It would be a very rare failure for it to just slow down and not deliver enough air to the refrigerator section. If you previously defrosted the unit with no improvement afterwards then I suspect there is no defrost problem. You mention the freezer is so cole you see white air but I would suggest picking up a thermometer from the local grocery store on your next vist. The freezer should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit. You might also want to remove the air damper and rear panel to visually check for any old Styrofoam blocking the vent. With the rear panel removed you can also check the evaporator coils for an even frost pattern. If only half the coils have frost that might indicate a more serious problem than air flow. This can be a difficult problem to pin down since after any adjustment the refrigerator section will take approximately 24 hours to so the improvement if there is any. I hope this helps and thank you for using mySearscommunity.

  2. Hi mbbe, It sound to me like the return air in the refrigerator section is blocked or clogged up. The air you feel entering the refrigerator from the freezer must circulate and the vents in the bottom of the refrigerator must be free so the cold air can return up hidden ducts in the rear wall of the refrigerator. The vent are usually hidden behind the crisper drawers and this is where I would check first. The return vent may be clogged with ice and need to be thawed out.

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      Refrigerator model is 106 71192100, I can see two opening L/R right next to down vent, I not sure that is the return vent, I already thawed out the unit once, with the model# can you point out the location of the return vent for me please. Thanks

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      The return air is behind the crispers in the bottom of the refrigerator. To see the returm air vent you may need to remove the crispers. But you say there is cold air entering when you open the refrigerator door, correct? That means the damper is Ok. Pull the crisper drawers in the refrigerator and check the vent there.

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      I believe the damper is still working, the fan in freezer is pushing cold air down, by turning the temp setting it does regulate the air flow.
      I will look for return air vent after back home tonight, will keep you update, thank you.

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      I check the bottom of friger or behind crisper, unable to find any vent, only one air vent about the size of quart,I open it look down and see the evaporator tray.
      I think the two opening next to the air diffuser is the return vent.
      Cold air come down center and push warm air up through vent on side, can it be the evaporator motor going bad?
      I have no tool to check the air pressure coming out of the fan, but when I just open the freezer, motor pushing pretty good air flow.
      I am running out of idea.

  3. Hi mbbe,

    Welcome to the MySears Community!

    Do you by chance know the model number to this Kenmore? It may help our Experts in providing more detailed information on this specific appliance.

    I have escalated your concerns to our Sears Appliance Experts to see if they can help in providing some troubleshooting tips for you to check/implement.

    Once a response is provided I will be reaching out via email.

    Thank you!

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      Thank for the reply, the model number is 106 71192100.

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