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  1. Thank you for your question. First thing to consider is this washer should tell us what is wrong by displaying an error code. The conde can be difficult to determine. The code is displayed by the status lights. The status lights, Sensing/Prewash/Soak---Wash--Rinse--Spin--Done, are illuminated. Check which status lights are illuminated when the problem occurs and reply back with which status lights are illuminated for further assistance with this problem.

  2. Hi alphamholder! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for your question. I know one of the Appliance Experts will be able to help troubleshoot this washer issue for you. One of them will respond shortly. Once a reply is posted, I will send you an email letting you know so you can check it out.

    In the meantime, you may want to check out your owner's manual from There will probably be a suggestion in there that may help.


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