My 3 month old mower won’t start. The gas that’s in it is 1 week old. Was in the middle of mowing and stopped to take a break. When I tried to restart – it’ wouldn’t turn over at all. Upon starting it for this mowing session I did notice white smoke once it started up but it went away. There is no priming bulb and I’ve only used the mower 6 or 7 times. Any ideas? Thank you!

It’s a black Craftsman 190cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, High wheel push mower with 7.5hp.


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  1. I am sorry you are having a problem with your 3 month old mower. You mention the age of the gas and since the mower is only 3 months old I do not suspect the air filter is a problem. The engine need three things to start and they are fuel compression and spark. Use the following instructions to determine what is missing. The first check is going to be if the engine is getting spark. Remove the spark plug from the engine and connect it to the spark plug wire. Use a pair of insulated pliers to the base of the spark plug against a metal part of the engine. Now have someone pull the starter rope. When the engine is turning over you should see the spark plug spark. If the plug does not spark, disconnect the spark plug and insert a screwdriver into the boot of the spark plug wire. _Make sure to hold onto the handle of the screwdriver._ Hold the metal portion of the screwdriver close to a bare metal part of the engine. Now pull the starter rope again with the starter. If you see a spark, you need to replace the spark plug. If you do not see, a spark most likely the ignition coil is defective.

    Once you have determined the engine has spark you have to check for fuel. The easiest way to check for a fuel problem is to remove the air filter and pour a teaspoon of fuel mix into the throat of the carburetor. Then try to start the engine. If the engine acts as if it wants to start or runs for a short time and stalls the problem with the engine is a fuel issue.
    Compression would the the 3rd thing the engine needs to start but I believe your problem will be fuel or spark. Make sure the spart plug wire is attached. I hope this helps. Thank you for using mySearscommunity.

  2. Hi Scoots2013!

    I have escalated your question to our Sears Lawn and Garden Experts. Do you by any chance know the model number? This may help in providing more accurate details for trouble shooting tips.

    Please check back periodically for a response.

    Thank you!