My bottom freezer door opens when I close the refrigerator top door? The freezer doesn’t have a good seal.

It is a GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. I purchased from Sears in March 2011. The owner’s manual says it is for Models 20, 22 and 23. Not sure which mine is and it doesn’t specify on my receipt.


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  1. I understand your concern about the door popping open. This is common now with many models. Refrigerators are now built very tight and there is no place for air to escape. So what happens when the door is opened there is a rush of air that enters the cabinet. Now when the door is closed and especially if the door is closed rather hard, the air cannot escape, so it's pushed through the vents to the freezer section and can have enough force to push the door open. This is normal and it will help by closing the fridge door easier. I hope this helps you.