my brand new frigidaire affinity front load washer has an E31 error and will not turn on. the 800 number is not working. whst should I do?


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  1. Thank you for the question. The E31 error indicates an electronic pressure switch failure. Most likely the pressure switch will need to be replaced. Make sure both the hot and cold water valves are turned on. You should also check the drain hose. If the drain hose is to far down the standpipe the washer might fill and drain ( siphon) at the same time which might make the control see a pressure switch error. If the water valves and drain hose are okay then I would suggest having a technician check and repair the problem.

  2. Hi nwaterman,

    Thank you for posting your concerns in the MySears Community!

    We would be happy to help you with this issue. Do you by any chance know the model number of your appliance? This may be helpful to our Sears Appliance Experts.

    Please check back periodically for one of our Experts will respond with some helpful information on this issue.

    Thank you!

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