My craftsman garage door opener will not close with remote, only if I hold wall button down. Light blinks ten times whats wrong?


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  1. Try to reprogram:

  2. Hi Mandinka71, The sensors are the problem. Here are some tips to check to determine the sensor and the fix to the problem. Inspect sensor wires for a short (staple in wire), correct wiring polarity (black/white
    wires reversed), broken or disconnected wires, replace/attach
    as needed.
    • Disconnect all wires from back of motor unit.
    • Remove sensors from brackets and shorten sensor wires to 1-2 ft (30-60 cm) from
    back each of sensor.
    • Reattach sending eye to motor unit using shortened wires. If sending eye indicator
    light glows steadily, attach the receiving eye.
    • Align sensors, if the indicator lights glow replace the wires for the safety sensors. Bill.

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      Despite the optical "obstruction" beam sensor glowing green as usual, or is it the short that causes the light to stay on when in fact it should be off ?
      When I say obstruction sensor I mean the beam that goes across the floor from one side of the door to the other, not the sensor that send the door into reverse if it comes down on something/someone potentially crushing them.

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      Sometimes when the sun is shinning on one of the sensors it becomes blind. take a empty tissue or toilet cardboard roll and tape to the sensors over the lens and then realign and test. Yes and the proble is with the sensors if you have to hold the wall button down to get the door to close. By the way it is the beam that the sensors use and it is the same.You may need to call 1-800-424-2047 and have someone come out the repair the sensors. Bill

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      Well I got home and did some technical work on the door sensors (jiggled the wires) and it now works perfectly.

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      Then it stopped working again.....

      However, I noticed that although the sensor lights were lit, one of them was flickering slightly. When I lined it up again properly the door worked. So, despite the lights being on the door wasn't working because the sensors weren't quite lined up properly.

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      The flickering lights and the blinking 10 times indicate a problem with the sensors. Check the wire connections. Make sure no staple is through a wire. If the unit has worked well for a few months and the flickering and problem just started replacing the sensors would be the next step. The 10 flashes and flickering sensor lights points to a sensor failure or a connection problem. Bill suggested previously to try alighning the sensor with short wires and see if things work better.

      • San Jose, CA

    Sounds like the safety sensors are not aligned.

    Do you store stick-tool, like shovels or brooms, on the side of your garage door?

    It is not difficult to knock one of the pair of sensors while replacing or withdrawing a tool from such a dark and tight space.

  3. A model number always helps but most times the main light flashes 10 times it is a door sensor problem. If you put your hand in front of the sensors you will find one that the light stays on and one that the light goes off. The one with the light that goes off is the receiving unit. Check it very closely to see if it is blinking or is dimmer than the other. Tweak them a bit. You should also check to make sure all the connections on the end of the motor unit are tight.

  4. Hi SEARS57! You have come to the right place for garage door opener troubleshooting advice. If you could post the model number of your specific opener, that would be helpful to make sure you are getting the most accurate answer.

    Please check back soon for a reply from the Garage Experts. They will have a basic suggestion for you, if you are unable to let us know the model number.


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      I'm having the same problem where the door opens fine with the remote, but won't close with the remote and won't close at all unless you depress the wall button until the door is closed. I've checked safety sensor alignment and even swapped them so outside light did not affect the receiver. I have two of these units for two doors and the other works great. They are Item # 00953990000P Model # 53990.

      Thanks for any help you can provide.

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      Hi BullaD,

      Thank you for reaching out! I have forwarded your concerns on to one of our Sears Experts to help you with some troubleshooting tips.

      Please know once a response has posted I will be reaching out via email, providing a link back to your post for contact.

      Thank you!

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      Hi BullaD, thanks for the inquiry, if you are sure the sensors are not obstructed or misaligned; I would recommend reprogramming the remote.
      Ron H.

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      Hi beandme, The remotes would start the door, but it would **** back when trying to close just like the wall unit. The only way to close the door was hold the wall unit until the door was closed. The problem ended up being a loose connection at the opener. I had to play with the unlock/lock button and the wires a bit to get them to catch firmly. After that, the door closes with just a push of the button! Thanks for your quick reply.

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      Loose connections can be difficult to pin down so good job finding and repairing the problem.

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      I just started having an issue with my door going into reverse every couple of inches. If I hold the button on the wall switch it closes all the way but the remote refuses to work.
      The obstruction sensor is not blocked, I turned both the up and down pressure sensors to both their highest and lowest settings and it still reverses every inch or two. When the door closes it doesn't appear to shake side to side so it appears to be level. I'm at a loss.
      The opener is a Craftsman 139.53627SRT. The light bulbs flash but as I'm not home as I write this I can't tell you how many times. Is there a list of error codes for this unit which are indicated by the number of times the bulbs flash ? Thanks.

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      Hi there, Mandinka71! Thanks for posting your question today. One of the Garage Door Experts will be by in a bit with a suggestion or two that can help you get this taken care of. Once he responds, I will let you know via an email which includes a link directing you back here.


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      It seems my door is doing the same thing! Has anything you have done helped yours at all. My main issue is that if I am in the car leaving, I can not shut the door. I have to get out of my car, walk in the garage and hold the button down and then walk thru my house to get it to close. Not what I wanted to HAVE to do to get my garage door close. I would love to try whatever helped you.

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      Hi TaylorChae! Thanks for your question! I will send this along to the Garage Door Expert to help. If you could also post the model number, that will help him to accurately troubleshoot this issue for you.

      I'll let you know when the Expert posts a response via an email which will include a link directing you back to this thread.


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      Hi TaylorChae, I am sorry to hear you have a problem with the garage door opener but if you have to hold the inside button down to get the door to close you are having a sensor problem. The sensors are the sending and receiving unit mounted to the bottom of the rails. It could be the sensors a simply out of align and would need to re realigned. The receiving sensor may even be blinking an error code to be used in troubleshooting. The alihnment is found in the owners manual which came with the GDO. If you need another manual please provide me the model of your GDO and I will provide you a link to download the manual. Relpt back if you need more help with the GDO. Bill

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      First I began having the problem where I must hold the button on the keypad down to close door. That has subsided. NOW I cannot reprogram the remote after placing a new battery in it. The keypad outside the garage door will not program as well.

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      Hi there, Reciprok8or! I have passed this along to the Garage Door Expert. He will be by in a bit with a reply. If you could also provide the model number of your opener, that can be useful to ensure you have the most accurate answer.

      Once a response is posted, I will let you know via email.


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      From the description you give the sensor problem has been taken care off. The problem now is that the keypad and remote will not program. If both the remote and keypad will not program I suspect the logic board on the unit has failed. Do you have a 2nd remote that works? Is this a new problem that just started? If neither will program then I suspect the logic board in the unit has failed.

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      Hi - been following this conversation as I am having the same problem with door not responding to remotes to close. Would it be possible to get a link to the manual for the Craftsman 139.53879 for instructions to align the sensors?
      Thanks, in advance.

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      Hi there, SL26! Thanks for your quetsion. The Garage Door Expert will be by soon with some troubleshooting advice for your particular opener. As soon as he posts, I will send you an email to let you know.


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      SL26, the owner's manual is an older manual available only for purchase at the following site: coppathTaken=directMatch&filterPart=&pop=flush&prst=0&shdPart=. I will try to obtain a copy and send it via email. If the led lights blink 10 times then the door sensors are likely out of line. Check your email for a copy of the programming instructions.

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      Thank you SHC- FredM. I received the single page instruction for reprogramming the remote, but it appears to be either, as you say, the alignment of the sensors or in the overhead unit. I will check out the link to the manual for purchase -- just hate to invest if it is going to be too complicated and I ultimately need a technician or a new unit. Thank you for your input.

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      I have a Craftsman 1/2HP GDO. Prob started when remote opened door, but would not close it. Now remote does nothing. I tried re-pprog remote. When I press remote I con see the unit's sensor light flash, but nothing happens. Wall unit works fine. I held the unit's prog button down for 10sec to eliminate all codes. Started re-program from scratch (with two different remotes). Nothing.Can a new logic board be installed on this GDO?

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      Hi remotenot!

      Welcome to the MySears Community!

      I have forwarded your concerns to our Sears Electronics Experts to help with troubleshooting this issue.

      Do you by chance know the model number? This may be helpful in providing accurate tips to this unit.

      Once a response has posted I will let you know by email with a link back for further contact.

      Thank you for reaching out!

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      Hi remotenot, based on your descriptions it does sound like the logic board could be the issue. You can find the part and order it from our Sears Parts Direct site; you will need the complete model number off the GDO.

      Thanks Ron H.