My Craftsman garden tractor 917.272960 died when running fine up a hill with a fairly heavy load in the trailer. It shut of immediately, without sputtering or stalling. Now it won’t start, no crank, no sound, nothing. What do I do next?

First thing I did was add gas. Still nothing. No sounds at all when I turn the ignition. Checked/charged the battery and it shows it is fully charged. I cleaned the battery terminals and cable connections and reconnected them. Still nothing when I turn the key. (I am depressing the clutch/brake, the attachment clutch switch is pushed in, and I was sitting on the seat). The headlights don’t even turn on. I visually checked the fuse, and it looked good. Again, the tractor was running well, and while it was running it just stopped cold. I don’t know what else to troubleshoot. Any suggestions would really be appreciated! Thanks.


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    I should probably look up and acquire a fuse for MY tractor.

    The fuse is similar to a snow blower's shear pin.

    Nothing happens if one of THOSE parts breaks.

    I've got a picture of the tractor's long model number, found underneath the seat of the tractor on the data plate, stuck to the rear fender.

  1. Thanks Bandme and BlueCrewGuyInMA, you were correct, it was the fuse after all. My tractor is up and running! The fuse was a simple fix, but my eyes obviously weren't good enough to see that the fuse was bad.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate your helpful advice!

  2. Unfortunately, looking at fuses doesn't always show that the fuse is bad. I've had experiences with home fuses (yes, we have a fuse box and not circuit breakers), where the fuse looked like it was in fine condition, but it turned out it wasn't and it needed to be replaced. I'm with beandme. Test the fuse or simply replace the fuse and see if that solves the problem. A complete loss of all power generally indicates either the battery's connection is bad or the fuse is dead.

  3. Hi Garden-guy! Thanks so much for posting your question today! The details you included will be super helpful for the Lawn and Garden team to accurately pinpoint this issue. Check back soon for their response with a suggestion or two.


    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Thanks for the question about your tractor, based on your description of the tractor doing nothing including the kights not working I suggest removing the fuse and testing it. It sound as if the fuse is actually bad.

      Ron H.