My Craftsman power washer, equipped with the 6.75 HP Briggs & Stratton “ReadyStart” engine won’t start. Purchased fron Sear’s 1 year ago. Now what?


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  1. The engine needs three basic things to run. They are fuel, compression, and spark. I am assuming from your question that this is a engine with a good battery and that it is just turning over and not firing at all, but even if that is not the case these basic checks can still help narrow down the source of the problem.

    First, go back to the spark plug. Remove the leads, or wires, that connect from the engine to the plug. Remove the plug and put them back in the leads. Now position the leads so the metal end of the plug is against the engine or another clean unpainted metal ground point. Keep your hands away from the plugs so you do not get shocked, and turn the key to the start position. Look for sparks at the ends of the Spark Plug. Look careful as they might be hard to see in sunlight or other bright lights. If there is spark there then you have ignition, the first of the three basics. If not, you likely have an electrical problem that needs to be traced.

    The engine should have been spinning over faster once the plug was removed and you should hear air rushing out of the spark plug holes in puffs. You could even try putting a thumb or finger over each plughole to see if the pressure pushes your finger off when turning over, just be careful not to touch the grounded plugs so you do not get shocked. If that all happens then you have the second ingredient, compression. If not then you may need a valve adjustment or may have a broken component inside the engine.

    That leaves fuel. Check the tips of the plug you just removed, if fuel is reaching the engine there should be some residue there and they should look somewhat wet. If you used your finger to check compression then you may even see some residue on your finger. If there is fuel here, your problem may be old fuel or a timing issue. Try putting a small amount of good fuel into the throat of the carburetor and turn the key to start. If your problem is fuel related only, the engine should now try to start, or even run, until the fuel you put in is gone. That would indicate the fuel supply is being stopped in the fuel tank, fuel line, fuel filter, fuel pump, or carburetor. Some carburetors have a solenoid to stop the fuel supply when the key is off and a malfunction there could also be the problem. I hope this is helpful. Thank you for visiting mySearscommunity.

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    How old is the gas in the engine fuel tank?

    Is the cold water inlet hose connected to the power washer?

    What is the long model number of the power washer?

  2. Welcome, kev123! Glad you stopped by the MySears Community today! A Lawn and Garden expert should be able to help with a few suggestions on what could help get your power washer working. If you could also let us know your model number, that would be super useful for the Experts to give you the most accurate answer to your problem.

    Check back here soon for a reply!


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