my dishwasher purchased in 2006 is not cleaning properly and has recently decided not to drain after every wash?


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  1. Hi mslate3189,
    I agree with inquisitivemind
    The proble could invole just the removing of a plate or it could involve a more indepth disassembly of the dishwasher. Please reply with the model number and I will provide you with a detailed process to check the drain screens. I hope adamos advise got your dishwasher fixed. Good Luck with it. Bill_W

      • San Jose, CA

    I used my trusty Craftsman wet/dry Shop Vac to suction out the clogged drain hole in my dishwasher.

    It involved removing the plastic grate, screwed down in front of the drain hole and sucking out the water and "uncooked popcorn kernels" from out of the impeller pump blades of the machine.

    It also took several suctionings to get enough of the hard little beasts out of the impeller blades.

    Lesson learned: Don't leave ALL of the food on the dishes, when using a dishwasher.

    They got their limits.

    The machine is doing MUCH BETTER, now.

    Hope you have a Shop Vac and don't forget to remove the paper filter, before you start vacuuming up the water.

    Good luck.

  2. Sounds like you could have blockages that are inhibiting flow through the wash arms as well as through the pump. Or, there could be an issue with the pump. As a quick and cheap "anybody can do this" test, get some Dishwasher Magic and run it through the dishwasher according to the instructions on the bottle. That should clear hard water deposits as well as help clean out food deposits that may be inside the machine. If that doesn't solve the problem, I'd recommend calling 800 469 4663 to have a technician check it out.

  3. Hi mslate3189! Sorry to hear your dishwasher is not cleaning properly! We can see if an Appliance Expert can help with this one for you. Inquisitivemind is correct-a model number would be helpful, but I bet one of the Experts can offer a suggestion or two without it. Check back in a bit for a reply. Thanks!

  4. Please post the make and model number of your dishwasher.
    Should it be Kenmore the model number will stat with three digits followed by a period or a dash, eg 665. or 665-
    This will enable a model specific response.