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  1. I'm sorry you are having this problem with the icemaker. First, check to make sure it's cold enough (below 10 degrees) in the icemaker compartment to cycle the icemaker. If the temperature is ok and if there is no water in the tray, the problem could be with the icemaker or the water valve. A good check will be to cycle the icemaker manually. To cycle this icemaker press and hold the small test button under the module for 3 seconds. If the icemaker does not cycle, it will probably need to be replaced. However, it could also be a problem with the control board. If the icemaker does cycle and toward the end of the cycle if you can hear a humming sound but no water fills the tray, it will indicate the water valve is being energized but not opening. In this case, the water valve will need to be replaced. This can be a complicated model to service and I would recommend having a technician check and make this repair. You can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out. I hope this will help you.

  2. Hi Bikerskank,

    We appreciate you posting your question with us in the MySears Community!

    I have reached out to our Sears Appliance Experts to see if they can help in providing some troubleshooting options for you to check and try.

    Please check back periodically for an Expert will be responding with additional information.

    Thank you!

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