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    Has this machine "thrown heat" in the past?

    The manual indicates that this is a gas dryer.

    Is the gas line installed and the gas supply turned on to the dryer?

    Has the exhaust vent and tubing been checked for blockages and are they clean?

    Some of these questions might appear to be overly simple.

    However, in getting equipment back up and running, simple fixes are better than those pesky complex fix-it jobs.

    1. Here is an answer provided by Expert Joey S.
      There are a few possible components which can fail and prevent the dryer from heating. The most common is the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse can be accessed by removing the front lower access panel. The thermal fuse will have two red wires attached to it and it will be located on the blower wheel housing. The thermal fuse can be disconnected and tested for continuity with and Ohm meter. Disconnect the power cord from the power source before removing the lower front access panel. If the fuse is okay and glow bar igniter glows and fades off without burner ignition, the two solenoid coils on the gas valve assembly will likely need to be replaced.

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