My husband is a veteran for Operation Iraqi Freedom and on active duty. I know at one point you guys offered gift cards of sorts was wondering if this was still offered or anything similar? Thank you.


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  1. Hi Sara_plunk_22,

    Welcome to the MySears Community!

    We do have the Heroes at Home Wish Registry that has ended. If you would like to bookmark for next year please click here. This year registration had opened up in August, so please check back periodically for when registry opens again.

    Please tell your husband that we are truly grateful for his years of service.

    Let us know if you have any questions and we thank you for reaching out to us!

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      The link is not working right now. :-( I'll try later then. Thank you

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      Oh no! I just was able to click through using the Google Chrome, IE and Mozilla browser.

      Have you tried clearing your cache (history)? Sometimes this may help too.

      Please also know that once you click through, information will be in top grey box.

      I have refreshed the "click here" link and am providing the full URL.

      Hope this helps you further!

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      The enrollment period for the gift cards is usually at the end of the summer. There will be another enrollment next year.