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  1. I'm sorry the icemaker has stopped working. Unfortunately, the model number of the unit is not listed. With most models that have the red light, it can flash an error code or it may be just the normal flashing sequence. In most cases, if it flashes twice pauses and flashes twice again and does this as long as the door is open, it will be normal. Now, if this unit has the small flapper door, when it is pressed in, the flashing light should turn solid. This will indicate the boards are working normal and the problem would be with either the icemaker or the water valve. I would recommend having a technician make this check. You can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out.

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    We would love to have one of our Sears Appliance Experts help in providing some troubleshooting tips for you. Do you by any chance know the model number? This may help in providing you a more accurate tip in what is causing the issue.

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    Thank you!

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