my ice maker stopped working on my Kenmore model 106 side by side refrigerator. The red light blinks twice stops then repeats. Suggestions?


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  1. The description for the light blinking indicates the optic boards are working properly. Sometimes the fill tube, which is the black tube in the ceiling gets frozen and prevents water flow to the icemaker. Try squeezing the black tube where it enters the icemaker cup. If it won't squeeze, it will indicate the tube is frozen. If the tube is clear and it squeezes easily, the problem will be with either the icemaker itself or the water valve. In this case, you can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out. I hope this will help you.

  2. Can you provide the entire model number? 106 is just the beginning. We'd need the whole thing: 106.XXXXXX (there should be 5, possibly 6, digits after the 106.).

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      I also have a Kenmore refrigerator. My model number is 106.56673500 and I am also having issues with the ice maker. No ice is being produced. Light blinks twice repeatedly. Solid red when ice make flap is pressed. I looked in the ice maker and saw some ice cubes resting sideways as if they got stuck and didn't fall down all the way. I cleared them but have the same issue. The short black tube described by SHC-ScottD above was not frozen. Please advise. Thanks.

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      The ice cubes sticking on the mold and fingers is often caused from freezer door openings to often in humid conditions. two things to try set temperature control to a colder setting, and clean the eject fingers with a cloth that has white vinagar on it to remove any maieral build up that may cause the cube to stick to it during the harvest cycle.
      I hope this helps, if you need service call 1-800-469-4663.

      Ron H.