my kenmore 80 series washer is not spinning or agitating

it filled with water and then did nothing, no noise at all


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  1. Hi miketoni85,
    The no noise part is the lack of a motor starting up. Depending on the model of the washer, this would indicate a timer or a control issue. If the motor is defective the motor would hum in some cases or it would make a clicking noise. Try to start the washer in the spin cycle and see if it will drain the water. If not I would recommend you contact Sears Home Services to get a technician out to troubleshoot the motor controls. Cut and paste this link,

    1. In response to SHC-BillW

      Miketoni85: Depending on the model number it could also have a faulty water level pressure switch or possibly a faulty lid switch.

  2. Hi miketoni85! Thanks for posting your question today. Can you post your model number? This will help the Appliance Experts to trouble shoot your issue more efficiently. Check back for a reply soon.

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