My kenmore electric range quit working on 8-6-13. Model # 79046703606. It gave an F10 error. The cooktop works but the oven does not. The oven door locked and the fan blew constantly, even after it cooled. I’ve tried a new temp sensor, a new control pad, and new EOC. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions. I am about to go and just get a new Non Kenmore/Sears range.


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  1. Thank you for your question though I am sorry you are having a problem with your Kenmore 790.46703606 Electric range. The F10 error indicates the oven sensor has failed or a relay on the control has stuck in the closed position causing the oven to overheat. Per the description you give you have replaced both the sensor and the electronic oven control yet the problem remains. Is a meter availble to check the resistance of the old and new sensor? The control should be part number 316462821. The oven sensor is part number 316217002. Since both are new then confirm the connections are tight. Remember to turn the power to the range off first. This Kenmore/Frigidaire range does not have a history of excessive failures so it is surprising that neither part fixed the problem. Check the connections to the sensor first. Thank you for using mySearcommunity.

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      Part numbers are correct. Connections are secure. Resistance is 1178 on 2 new temp probes. F10 error continues. Oven door locked and cooling fan runs when power resumed.

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      I think we may have found the problem. While canning on the cooktop, a sensor for the it must have tripped due to the heat. While checking the connections there was an area to the right of the control pad that clicked when pushed in. When power was reconnected, the fan wasn't blowing and the oven door opened and there were no error codes. Thank you so much for your help!

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      Radiant and induction ranges really aren't designed for canning. A coil top or gas range is the only kind of cooktop that can handle the high heats generated by canning. Some people have been known to buy a cheap coil top range strictly for canning purposes, and a nice glass top range for their cooking.

  2. Welcome, VickiKa! Thanks for posting your question and including your model number, too. I am sure an Appliance Expert can let you know just what is going on with your range. Check back here in a bit for a reply from one of them with a suggestion or two.


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