My Kenmore Elite Ultraclean dishwasher 665.1278 lites the lock light every time I push a button. Brand new and used once. What can I do?

The product with the buttons on top of the door


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  1. Thank you for your question though I am sorry for the problem with your new dishwasher. The Control Lock light should only come on when the Control Lock feature is turned on. The control lock feature is turned on and off by pressing the Top Rack only keypad for 3 seconds. If the light is coming on by itself then I suspect the console has a stuck Top Rack Only keypad. Try to select the Top Rack Only option and see if you can. If you can select or deselect the Top Rack Only keypad then try holding the keypad for 3 secongds and see if the Control Lock LED light illuminates. Since the unit is new call and schedule service. It is likely the console will need to be replaced to fix this problem. Thank you for visiting mySearcommunity.

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      As the controls on this model are a solid surface panel, rather than a plastic membrane with contacts beneath it, I think there's no way for any buttons to be stuck, as there aren't actually buttons at all. Isn't it temperature-sensitive, rather than pressure-sensitive? Anyway, it's almost certainly a faulty console which, as you noted, will likely have to be replaced.

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      The same issue happened to my same Elite model. Thanks for the tip! I was baffled when the issue occurred between washings. I have owned mine for about 5 months and this is the first time the lighted lock button came on. The owner's manual (which covers multiple models) was no help--nothing in the troubleshooting section addressed this problem. There was a method for turning the lock light off and on for a different model, but that method wouldn't work with mine because mine does not have the Air Dry selection needed to solve the problem (p. 16 under Option Selections.) THANK YOU so much for the solution. It resolved the issue and now I don't have to wait for repair service to travel to my remote area. (Sears should add your tip to their manual!)

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      So glad we were able to provide a helpful troubleshooting tip for you. Great news. Thanks so much for letting us know this worked for you!