My Kenmore freestanding electric range (790.9912) displays an F10 Error

I have a Kenmore range model 790.9912 with an F10 error code displaying. The error code indicates runaway temp. I have replaced the EOC (316418750) with a new one and I have replaced the oven temp probe (316217001). Temperature probe measures 1087 ohms at sensor plug and 1093 at 15 pin plug at the EOC. Plug in the range and it beeps with the F10 error. The surface burners do work. Can someone tell me what could be the problem? Replaced all the parts associated with the F10 error (expensive) and the error is still there. The error displays immediately upon power up.

Thanks for the help.


2 answers

  1. Hello zxtt. It does appear that you replaced all of the components that are normally associated with that F10 code. Unplug the range and check that 15 pin plug for corrosion on the contacts. You may need to clean that connector with electronics cleaner if you find corrosion. Although the sensor measures the proper resistance and you detect the proper resistance through the entire circuit, you could still have a connection problem with that wire harness. Make sure that the connector is plugged in properly on the control board. These tips may help you correct that problem. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

  2. Hi zxtt! Nice job on doing what you can to repair your range on your own! That is a big undertaking. I have forwarded your inquiry on to the Appliance Experts. I am sure one of them can help with this.