My Kenmore refrigerator’s icemaker only puts out about a tablespoon of water on each cycle. The water flows strong on the through the door dispenser, so the line has water. What could be the problem?


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  1. Thank you for your question. I may need a model number to give you the most complete answer but from the description you give the water valve is likely the problem. The ice maker fill tube may be partially blocked with ice. You can remove the water line going to the ice maker to pin this problem down. If you disconnect the water line at the valve you can use a small container or towell to catch the water when the ice maker calls for water. If it still only puts out a tablespoon then the valve is the problem. If it puts out more water then the fill tube is likely blocked with ice. An ice blockage can be cleared by removing the ice maker and using a hair dryer. Some ice makers have a water fill adjustment. As the inlet screen becomes clogged with sediment and the flow is reduced you can adjust the ice maker fill time for more water. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you reply with a model number I may be able to offer more advice. Thank you for using mySearscommunity.

  2. Hi there, dad-of-neilbrad! Thanks for posting your question on the MySears Community! I am sure one of the Appliance Experts will be able to offer insight on what the problem is with your water dispenser. If you could take a moment to let us know the model number of your fridge, that would be useful to pinpoint this exact issue.

    In the meantime, an Appliance Expert will post a general answer in a bit. Once he does, I will reach out to you via email.