My lawn tractor model 917.28852 deck is too low. How can I raise the whole deck?

It cuts at one and one half inches at the highest adjustment.


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  1. Hefted,
    I am sorry you are having a problem with the mower deck. If the mower deck is not at least 4 inches high in the number 6 position there is something out of wack. We will start with the basics first. I recommend checking the tire pressure in all the tires. If the pressure is fine, move the tractor to a hard level surface and remove the key. Next, inspect the blades. You want to be sure they are not bent. If the blades are fine, I suspect there is a problem in the lift system. Have a helper raise and lower the deck with the lever while you watch the deck. If one side is moving more than the other is, I recommend looking at the lift links on the side that is not moving much. It might have a broken lift link. If all of the links are ok, I recommend having a service tech come out and check it over. They repair these tractors everyday so he should be able to pinpoint the problem rather quickly. Please call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule service.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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    The leveling and height adjustment procedures assume your tractor is on a flat and level surface.

    You need to find or "make" such an area for tuning your tractor's deck.

    On the property that my tractor is located, the only flat and level surface available is inside of the Garden Tool SHED.

    I believe the tire pressure in the front and rear tires of my tractor (probably yours too) is 17 PSI. If the left and right tire pressures are not equal to one another, leveling the deck is almost pointless.

    I use the Craftsman 3 gallon hot-dog air compressor to keep the tractor and its accessory trailer tires at the proper inflation pressure.

  2. To be on the safe side, I'd also recommend checking the tire pressure to make sure that's not why your deck is too low.

  3. Hello fish4u,

    I would like to assist you. The deck is leveled by adjusting the jamb nuts on the hanging rods. I am assuming that the front one is out of adjustment. Refer to your owner's manual on page 23 for the correct leveling procedure. If you do not have your owner's manual, visit and enter your model number at the manuals link.

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      Actually I want to "raise" it from top dead point number 6 position. Raise it so I Can drive over taller grass. For something that falls in the commercial/residential you need to cross over higher grass than a golf course. If I position it down to the bottom I will cut dirt. So is it possible to adjust higher than factory set.

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      Hi Hefted! Thanks for your question today. I am sure a Lawn and Garden Expert can let you know if that tractor can be raised. Can you provide the model number? That would be very helpful to make sure the answer is accurate.

      We will send you an email in a bit to follow up once they respond.


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      Same problem as you. Note mr. jerrytech, the page 23 image bracket doesn't even match the production deck bracket, square vs. triangular, but that's not so improtant. The big thing is with the front suspension rod all the way tight/max height, rear setting on 6, it's "golf course" like hefted said. This is some kind of design flaw. Any setting, say 4 on rear is digging dirt.We added a u-bolt clamp to pull the front suspension rod higher against the front bracket of the deck. This works and will get you out of the digging dirt area for lower rear adjustments. It however pulls the whole deck forward. I'm planning on making a proper front suspension bar that pivots on the front chassis attachment point, has a turnbuckle in it's length for adjustment (with lock nuts to stay tight) and a loop to go through the most forward hole in the bracket on the front of the deck.
      Doubt if craftsman is going to say their design is defective, but I could not find any to adjust the front deck height.

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      I have the exact same problem with my new 19HP 42" (917.20381) but don't want to jury-rig. When it was delivered the right side of deck was significantly lower than the left. I assumed adjustments could be made.Followed all manual instructions (pg 23). Once deck was level it is about 2.5" off ground at highest setting (6)instead of 4". Sears technician dispatched and said no further adjustment he could make. Instructed to order replacement. Waiting on that but not confident the new one will be different. We'll see.

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      Hi mtleon!

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      Please keep us posted on your outcome and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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