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  1. Hi kbrown65! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for your question this evening. You can get in touch with the folks at Sears Customer Service. They will be able to look into your layaway payment for you.


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      Hi there.
      I paid the remaining balance of my layaway on Monday. The website said it would take 1 business day to post. This was fine because I didn't want the dishwasher delivered until Thursday. I figured the worst that could happen would be I would have to pick it up at a store. When I pressed the "make payment" button, the system showed the payment for one second and then an error message popped up that said "temporarily unavailable."
      I didn't want to make another payment so I called my bank immediately. They said that yes, the funds were removed from my account and it was up to sears to capture the payment-that I couldn't cancel the payment via the bank.
      Tuesday, I called sears customer service. The rep was nice, apologized and said he would put me on hold to talk to a manager. He returned, said the manager said it typically takes 1-2 business days for internet payments to post. Also, that it would show I paid the balance in full by the end of business yesterday.
      Today I called again as the payment is still out of my bank account. I was put on hold so the rep could talk to a manager. I explained that I would like to talk to a manager because I was told that the payment would post by end of business yesterday-day 2 of the "1-2 day" posting period.
      The case manager was aggressive and rude. Argumentative and unprofessional. I imagine that if she paid 560 dollars for an appliance, she would be eager to resolve a potential computer glitch on Sears end as well. PS. THOSE calls should be recorded, as she interrupted me several times as I tried to explain that I'm concerned the payment of 405.81 is in limbo. Just rude.
      Anyway, I asked to speak to a manager after the CM told me it was 3-5 business days to post. This is unreasonable. It was taken out of my bank account immediately...I feel like I'm just being given random days to wait and see if Sears ever gets the payment. The CM told me she was the highest manager " on the line" and that if I wanted to speak to someone else, I should "hang up, call back and ask for someone else." Nice. I realize that this generation of employees aren't truly dedicated to customer service-but come on. I've been in the service industry for years. If I treated someone with her amount of disrespect, I'd be sacked immediately.
      I searched for an escalation number and found one. I called to speak with another CM. Although he was nice, he was completely unable to direct me to an IT department to report a potential bug, tell me what the sears system says about my phone call yesterday, or give me an explanation as to why the online payment center says 1 day to post, why the CSR I talked to yesterday said 1-2 days, why the CM I talked to today said 3-5 days...I even offered to have someone call my bank to confirm the payment is out there, waiting for sears to capture it so it may motivate someone to research it.
      I made the payment on Monday because I need the dishwasher tomorrow. Had the website said "it will take 5 business days to post this payment", I would have made the final payment last Monday. But, it has always said 1 day to post.
      My brother will be here tomorrow to install the dishwasher.
      I will even pick it up myself at a store somewhere. I just don't want the run around anymore. It ruins my day.
      Thank you for listening. Please help.

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      Hi there, Nflpaypay1! Thanks for posting.

      I replied to your original thread as did a member of the SearsCares team.

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