My McAfee security suite subscription is up for renewal…

I’ve heard folks say that there are free software options that work just as good or better. naturally, I’m skeptical. Thus I’m curious as to what free options are out there and how closely they might mirror the paid competition. Thank you for your time.


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    This is analogous to using a Surge Protector.

    There are a lot of products out there, with the MAIN thing to do is to be sure to be using "one" of them.

  1. I've used McAfee for years on my laptop. I just purchased new McAfee security and got a gift card equalling the amount it cost so it was free.

  2. I have used Avira Free AV for the past 5 years and it has always ranked as one of the top Antivirus in terms of detection rates among free and paid solutions and have never had a problem. For paid solutions, I strongly recommend Kaspersky. You can see performance reports through-out the years at the link:

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      Believe it or not, Avira's detection rates have historically been way higher than Mcafee. The only difference between the free and paid versions of Avira is that the paid version includes live support, but you could always use their forums. Avast is another good option. If you are looking for a free firewall to complement, I recommend Comodo.

  3. I have used Avast for 5+ years. It was recommended by the IT tech that would come and fix computers at my job and I have had no problems with it at all.

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      Avast is great.

  4. Well I suggest that you use Microsoft Security Essentials it was ranked higher than McAfee and Norton, not to mention that its free. I use it, I trust it, and to this day it has not failed me and I have been using for almost four years.

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      Ditto on your review of Microsoft Security Essentials DrewG94

      It runs flawlessly in the background, as ant-virus software should.

      I have had one of those rare occasions where an unsuspecting bug attempted an infestation and Microsoft Security Essentials
      caught the nasty ******, bagged it and stuffed it in the quarantine dungeon!

      I chose to have the bug tossed into some distant wormhole.

      I'm happy and so is my PC.

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      It's been a while since my last post at MySears.
      I never expected the naughty word finder to censor a non-naughty word. :-)

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