My Order 446184277 says shipped in an email to me, but when I go to the UPS site it says it has printed a label, but has not received the shipment. Where is my order?


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  1. I get that often with some other sites. They have packed it and printed the label. But it is still waiting for UPS to pick up and/or register in their system. So hopefully, with a little more time, it will show in their system by end of the day.

  2. Did you order from Sears or a third party vendor on website.
    Giving a bogus shipping number is a ploy used by slightly less than scrupulous vendors so that they can get paid by Sears regardless of whether any merchandise has been shipped or not.
    Should the order have been placed with Sears it becomes a little more complicated. Federal law requires that that should a merchant not ship by an agreed date then the merchant must notify you and give you a chance to cancel the order and promptly refund to the client any monies paid. The details are here:

  3. Hi Brent_WB,

    We are sorry to hear that you are having issues locating your item. I know at times when the package is in transient that it does not always show its location for not UPS centers scan's the package.

    Have you tried going to our Customer Service Page yet? If not, click this link:

    If you notice to the left is the "Action Center". Here you can put in your order number to see where your package is. If for some reason it does not provide you with the information you need, over to the left of the page is the "click to chat" of "click to call". These are great services and can help you at a faster pace locate your package.

    Please let us know if you have any other issues or if these tips did not help in locating your package.

    Thank you!