My refrigerator died the other day and the service technician came out and checked it. He said that these newer units are not built well and don’t last long. He had to order a dye dryer which will take a week to get. Then he will weld in on to check for leaks. This will take another week and then if he can’t find the leak it could take another week or two to get the parts to replace the whole system or then maybe we can get a replacement unit. Meanwhile I can either rent a refrigerator for which I have no place to put (Sears will reimburse the rental fee) or I can buy a $100.00 unit (Sears will reimburse for this as well). The problem is we have 5 people (adults and children) living here and the small unit will not suffice. I can understand a week for parts but 2 to 4 weeks is a bit much. This unit is not that old and we think it should just be replaced. The customer service people say that the service department would have to make that call. We are very frustrated with this situation. Is there anything that can be done to rectify this situation sooner?


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  1. Sears seems to think that not having the use of an appliance for an extended period is acceptable customer service. Most customers do not. The idea that a customer should rent a refrigerator (or a washer / dryer / oven) does not take into account the space limitations of most homes.

    Most kitchens have space for one refrigerator. In many homes there is not space for an additional one, even in another room.

    At one point service made Sears into a household name. Now Sears service is becoming synonymous with aggravation and failure

    It is a shame

  2. Twright308,
    Thank you for your post as well as for the information that you have provided us regarding the issues with your refrigerator. My name is Jack and I am with the Sears Cares Escalations Team. Please accept our apology for the problems with the refrigerator. I understand that this has been a great inconvenience having to be without the refrigerator for an extended period of time, especially with 5 people in the house. We would be happy to have a case manager contact you to determine what other options are available besides the ones that you mentioned in your post. If you would like to speak to us about this, please email the following information – your contact phone number, screen name (Twright308), and phone number used at the time of purchase to Again we’re sorry for any trouble this may have caused and we look forward to speaking to you soon.
    Thank you,

    Jack C.
    MySears Community Moderator

    1. In response to SHC-Jack

      They are supposed to come out today and put a dryer unit on the refrigerator. This is supposed to take another week to test and then maybe we will get it fixed. We bought a small refrigerator to help make life somewhat bearable. It doesn't help much.
      I haven't heard back from you. The phone number on the purchase is 2**-4**-8*** and my cell number is 2**-7**-8***. My email is t***@t*** Thanks

    2. In response to SHC-Jack

      Hi Twright308! I sent along your question to your case manager. Look to hear from someone today.

      We also removed your contact information from publicly displaying for your security.

      Keep us posted!


  3. Hi Twright308,

    We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us in the MySears Community!

    I understand how this issue could be upsetting for this appliance is a main necessity in keeping our families healthy. These concerns are very important and I would like to put you in contact with our Sears Cares team to see if they can help in providing further options.

    Please know that once our team responds they will be requesting contact information so that a dedicated case manager can reach out and speak with you.

    Once a response has posted I will be sending an email to help in re-directing you back for contact with our Sears Cares team.

    Again, we thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!

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