My refrigerator model #795.79752.901 is showing an error code “er d5″. I can’t find any info on this. It was serviced yesterday for the ice maker, which has not been operating properly. The technician only did tests. Only change we made later was to increase temp in the refrigerator section slightly. What is this code and how can I clear it?


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  1. The code is ER dS indicates the defrost sensor connection is shorted or loose. Since the unit is new I suspect the connection is loose. I believe your best option is to have the service technician out to correct this problem. The FS means the freezer sensor has a short of has become disconnected. The sensor resistance can be checked with a meter but I suggest service for this problem and not do-it-yourself.

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      Thanks. We have the techniciam coming back. Hope you are right about a loose connection, and makes sense since the problem was when he was putting the wires and cover back on. He can't make it back for a week unfortunately. Only thing that doesn't seem to work is ice delivery. Keeping things cold, ice maker is working (which was the initial problem) and we can get water. So too bad he has to come all the way here, but agree that it is not a DIY for me.

      Again, thanks. I appreciate your expertise.

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      A technician came back last week. Found a connector to the control board that was not making good contact. Every time he touched the wires harnessed together, there was a click. He worked on the connector to clean, etc. and things have been fine for a week. He wasn't certain it would work or if they would have to replace the control board. But all is fine so far. So as long as there is no need to open it back up, I think we are good.

      So you were 100% correct. Thanks.

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      Hi PolarBearMH,

      This is great news! I am happy to hear that the tech was able to find the issue and repair it as Fred had suggested.

      Keep us updated if you have any other issues! ;)

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  3. Some more information. Apparently when the technician yesterday was putting the panel back on, he kept getting error codes as he pushed the wires back in. This was one, it is dS having to do with the defrost sensor. He also got fS. He thought he got the wires tucked in and OK, but the error came back overnight. I tried to unplug for 30-40 seconds, and plug it back in. Cleared the code for a while, but it came back.
    Of course, we still don't know if the ice maker is working properly, which was the only issue originally.

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