My Samsung Refrigerator (RF217ACPN) has water collecting in and under the crisper drawers. It then freezes in the bottom and under the drawers, ruining the food contained therein and making the drawers difficult to open. How can I fix it?


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      • San Jose, CA

    Time to look for a clogged plug in the bottom of your fridge.

    A nylon brushing of the pooled water plug should do the job.

  1. Thank you for your question. Water under the crispers usually indicate the drain in the freezer section is blocked with ice. When the refrigerator goes into the Defrost cycle some water is generator as the Defrost Heater melts the frost that has accumulated on the freezer coils. Sometimes fixing the problem means turning the unit off and leaving the freezer door open to melt the ice blocking the drain. Putting the frozen food in the refrigerator section will generally keep the food overnight. This may correct the problem. If the problem repeats then there is a part that may need to be installed. This particular unit also has a Drain Clip that can be installed to help keep the drain free. This is a difficult repair that should only be done by a technician in your home.

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