My stackable kenmore washer needs to be replaced. My kenmore dryer is in perfect running condition but I’m being told I need to purchase a brand new set to make it stack once again. Does anyone know a washer model that will be compatible with my kenmore elite dryer? So I can avoid having to purchase a brand new set


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  1. I am sorry to hear it is time to replace the washer. Depending on the age and make of the pair, the dryer may not match a new washer. If you could please post the model number of the washer and dryer, I will be happy to see if there are any compatible washers. I hope to hear from you.

  2. Hi Machinequeen! Thanks for posting your question! I know one of our Appliance Experts will be able to let you know if there is a washer that is compatible with your dryer.

    An Expert will be by in a bit with his answer. Once he replies, I will send you an email with a link back to this thread so you can view it.


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      I have a similar question. Have a model 110.44832200 washer and 110.94832200 dryer that the previous homeowners purchased in June, 2003. They are stacked and we may have to replace the washer (serviceman is due tomorrow). Is there a compatible washer or do we need to replace both?


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      Hi FortFun! Thanks for your question! I have passed it along to the Appliance Expert. I am sure he will be able to know if you need to replace both items. I think you are asking if you need to replace the dryer, along with the washer. If not, please clarify.

      I will be sure to send you an email once the Expert responds.


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      Hi FortFun, When you have the technician out tomorrow he will be able to determine if the new washers source 110 will fit under the dryer that you have. I will say that most of the new washers are not going to be the same colot as the new washer. I find the colors fade slightly.

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      Thanks Bill! Not worried about color fade (current units are white). Most concerned with attaching old dryer to new washer.

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