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  1. A model number always helps but most washers control the water level with a water level pressure switch. The water level switch may be the problem but there is also a clear plastic hose that connects the wate level switch and air dome on the side of the tub. As water fills air is pushed up the hose to trip the water level switch at the correct water level. If the clear plastic hose is kinked or has a pin hole then the washer would overfill. When the washer is turned off or unplugged the water should stop filling. If you unplug the washer or turn it off and water continues to fill then the water valve is the problem. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi fixthemess,

    Thank you for posting in the MySears Community!

    Can you please provide us with the make and model number for this machine? You can find the model# on the top of the control panel, under the lid, rim of the tub, back of cabinet or front/side base of the unit.

    In providing this additional information can help our Sears Appliance Experts pinpoint the correct troubleshooting/parts in helping to fix this issue.

    Please check back periodically for one of our Experts will post a response on what might need to be done.

    Thank you!