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  1. We can offer more information if a model number is provided. From the description you give I suspect the rollers are at fault. If you can provide a model number I may be able to offer some do-it-yourself tips.

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      Model # Pro-Form Crosswalk 395

      It is less than a year old and has had minimal use.

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      Thank you for posting the model number. If the unit is making noise, I recommend tightening each rear roller bolt one-quarter turn and check the operation. If the belt is not quit tight enough it could allow the front roller to rattle against the frame. If this does not cure the problem, I recommend unplugging the treadmill from the wall outlet. Then slowly move the walking belt by hand while listening for the noise. Then try to pin point where it is coming from. If it is coming from the area of the rear roller, the rear roller is likely the problem. Both of the rollers have ball bearings that can fail and make a knocking noise. If the noise seems to be coming from the front, you may need to remove the motor hood to pin point the noise. If it is coming from the front roller, the roller needs to be replaced. If it seems like the noise is coming more from the motor, the motor is likely the problem.

  2. Hi armstong230! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for posting your question today. If you could provide a few more details, such as the make and model number of your treadmill, this would be very helpful to the Fitness Experts to pinpoint the issue accurately.

    In the meantime, I will send your inquiry along to them so they can respond with a general answer on what could be wrong with your treadmill.

    Thanks again!

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      Pro-Rorm Crosswalk 395

      Less than a year old and has had minimal use.