My tumble action washer has worked great for eight years. Why did it stop working last night? Where do I begin troubleshooting to identify the problem?

The barrel partially filled with water like always, but the tumbler never spun. Tried several different settings to no avail. Took the clothes out and reset near the end of a cycle to drain the water. Water drained, but the tumbler did not spin. Tumbler motor maybe? How do I check it?


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  1. If the water drain out then the door switch is likely okay. The problem might be as simple as a broken belt. Some models have a lower access panel held in place by two screws. You can check for a broken belt by removing the lower access panel is there is one. Remember to unplug the washer first.

  2. If the tub never moved, it could be something as simple as a belt breaking. If you hear the motor running but there's no motion, it's the belt. If there's no motor sound, it's the motor. If it's the belt, it's a fairly cheap fix. If it's the motor, it's more costly. 800 469 4663 is the number to call to have a Sears technician repair your washing machine.

  3. Hi LylaPG,

    Thank you for posting your question in the MySears Community!

    I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the tumbler. Since it is 8 years old, do you by any chance know the model number of this washer machine? This will help our Experts to provide a more detailed reply for trouble shooting tips.

    Please check back periodically for one of our Sears Appliance Experts will respond to your issue.

    Thank you!

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