My wife and I purchased a Maytag refrigerator new from Sears on 11/17/13. We have been very happy up to this point. Overnight, the fridge and freezer stopped working. My wife is disabled and we are vegan. We just did groceries and there were $400 worth of fruits, veggies, etc that spoiled. We have a tech coming tomorrow, as they would not come today. My issue is, I am now reading that the master protection plan covered food spoilage. I was not aware of this at the time when I purchased the fridge by the associate. Had I known that I would have paid the extra money to have it. Does Sears offer food spoilage coverage as Maytag will not cover it. I have 3 small children that I had a hard time feeding because of the broken fridge. This is our 2nd fridge we have purchased from Sears. Help!

Very disappointed in the Maytag brand. I will probably never purchase from this brand again.


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  1. Maytag is now just another 'brand' owned by Whirlpool.

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  2. Hi there, Jusbeazy! Welcome to MySears! Sorry to hear your fridge is not working properly. I would recommend giving the folks at Sears Home Service a call and letting them know of your food loss. They can discuss your options for the protection agreement with you.


    Let us know how things go!


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