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6 answers

  1. I don't think there is anyone left from the old community, everyone got sick of being deleted and no it was not because of violation of terms. It was because someone didn't know how the old site was a community where bantering was allowed. If it is not fun what is the point of being here? Even Civsci isn't posting and I bet he still works at Sears.

    The only reason I still post is because I stuck at the desk on phone duty. Otherwise I would of been chased off too. Anyway that's my 3 cents.

    1. In response to ServiceLocally

      I totally agree with you. When Sears made changes and deleted any comments that were not positive towards Sears, even those from people who were pointing out problems, they chased a lot of people away.

      I would come here at least once a day, now I only do occasionally. Rote answers to customer complaints, and removal of all other comments mean that there is no reason to come here.

      In the past there were some lively discussions. We did not all agree, and we had our problem children, but it was fun.

    2. In response to ServiceLocally

      I'm your huckleberry Big Mike lol

  2. Its now time for the FBI to do an investigation into Sears trade practices. This should be a nation wide investigation...... All it takes to start a class action law suit is 85,000. in damages. the damages that I have read about will go into the millions...... its time for sears to pay up are go out of business........ SEARS THE ONE RIP OFF CO.

  3. what is live about it?? i have been waiting for a response for over 48hours from this site and over 6 days per my last phone call with your escalation dept. which is a complete joke, its more like the dept which pushes customers away and ensures that you never receive their business. your corporation is a fraud, scam, just taking advantage of hard working consumers. do you honestly think people have the time to wait around for you to respond to issues caused by your defective items

    1. In response to AL1NER305

      Hi AL1NER305! I have sent your updates on to the team. They will be in touch soon. Hang in there!

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