New push mower hard to start when hot.

If I push the little flapper that chocks the carb so the chock is off it makes it easier to start. If I live at 6300 feet would that make it harder to start with stock carb jetting? How does the auto chock mechanism work?


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  1. I am sorry I did not see that you added the model number below. I looked up the model number and found that the high altitude jet is part number 798661. The jet can be ordered from The main jet is also part of the bowl nut. To install the jet, first disconnect the spark plug wire. Then tip the mower on its side with the air filter up. While holding the float bowl in position remove the nut/main jet from the bottom of the carburetor. Then install the new jet and tighten it with the wrench. I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need further assistance.


  2. fltrsei

    I am sorry you are having with the mower. I suspect the engine on your mower start better is you had a high altitude kit installed. The kit has a smaller main jet. If you could reply below with the model number of the mower, I will be happy to assist you with a part number for the kit. If the unit is less than two years old, I recommend taking the mower back to where you purchased it. They will be able to have the kit installed if needed. I hope this is helpful. Mark

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    We would be happy to help in answering your question today. Do you by chance know the model number? This may help our Experts in providing information more geared towards your lawn mower.

    If you can please check back periodically one of our Lawn and Garden Experts will help in answering this question for you.

    Thank you!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Sears Item# 07137093000 | Model# 37093

      Craftsman 190cc* Briggs & Stratton Platinum Engine, 22'' Rear Drive Self-Propelled EZ Lawn Mower 50 States

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      Thank you!

      I have forwarded your question to our Experts!

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      Will your experts email me or how would they contact me?

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      Check above, fltrsei! Mark has responded with some helpful information for your mower repair.

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