New revealing data within “Recent Activities” ticker-tape?

It has been a long while since I last
spent some quality time here a MySears.
I departed from the Sears scene for health
reasons and other complicated matters a couple
years ago, but I’m back feeling well and
busy typing once again.

I see that MySears has a different look and feel
in regards to the interactive devices available
including the “Recent Activities” ticker-tape.

Has it always revealed the identity of members who
choose to vote negatively or positively on
another community members response to a question?

I’m finding the revelations quite interesting!

It lets me know who thinks so poorly of participants
within the community who are posting serious and professional
answers to serious concerns and questions from Sears consumers.


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  1. Also, you don't have to be a member of the community to vote up or down, an angry customer can vote without ever signing in.

  2. Could you please give me the address of the landing page you are referring to?
    I cannot seem to get the one you describe to 'come up'.
    I do not mind who knows which 'up' or 'down' buttons I pressed, I vote them as I see them, or have had experience of.

    1. In response to inquisitivemind

      OK found it myself and as I commented shortly after this site opened, should I click the 'Helpful' button Sears translates into 'Liked'. Now I do not know about you but to me those two words have very different meanings. Something may be helpful but I may not like it. Similarly I may like something but it may be unhelpful.

  3. I'd like to add an additional spot of personal perspective on this topic, but before I do, I do apologize if I have contributed to the triggering of a "hot topic" effect.

    This was never my intent when I asked the original posted question to our community. I'm a curious person and was simply looking to see what type and degree of changes had occurred during my absence.

    My additional perspective is this:

    Those years ago when I posted daily, I offered the suggestion that the thumbs down button be eliminated, leaving only the thumbs up button.

    I added nearly two years ago, this particular posted suggestion for the betterment of our MySears community. This suggestion alone was negatively plastered with numerous thumbs down! My peaceful vision, how ever tiny, was shot full of holes by the thumbs down groupies.

    I am typically a firm believer that positive reinforcement works better than negative.

    Members who would otherwise choose to negatively impact the community by aggressively pressing the thumbs down button on otherwise positive interactions by SHC personnel and others with helpful answers or supportive information and guidance etc etc would have no other option but to press the thumbs up button or offer a written account of their negativity and opposition to helping others.

    The perhaps partial solution I posted back then is paraphrased from what I remember posting those years ago.

    I know this may sound a bit like a "Koombaya" melody but who isn't in favor of some peace and harmony?

    1. In response to TheTradesman

      Hi Tradesman,

      You did not trigger a hot topic, the way I view it, is it needed to be opened up. But again, I do apologize in using your post.

      I have just posted a new topic in hopes that our members can open up on how we can make this Community more user-friendly.

      I do however agree about the "helpful votes". For when I first started I was only getting "thumbs down", this for one did bother me at first, but have since then realized that it really does not matter as long as I am helping that member to the best of my ability.

      I am not a newcomer to Moderating for I have been doing so for quite awhile and have dealt with worse than a few thumbs down, we all know that you can not please everyone.

      So my hope is that you too can over look the thumbs down votes and know that you too had provided the best information possible for that member. ;)

  4. Tradesman, glad to hear all is well! I'm not sure if I was on the other site with you or if I came afterwards. I do remember reading some of your helpful comments in the archives.

    I think the voting goes with the voice of frustration with this site. This site is overly moderated (too many cooks in the kitchen). Stuff is removed and censored here that would of been just fine on the other site. Therefore the frustration.

    Before it was mainly Julie and it was run by ViewPoints. Now I'm not sure who the main moderator is and we can't private message anymore, so I'm not sure what is going on. Again, therefore the frustration.

    1. In response to ServiceLocally

      Hi ServiceLocally,

      Yes you are right, Julie was the only moderator on the old site. There are now 2 moderators in the MySears Community as well as the MyKmart Community so as that 1 moderator is not working 24 hours a day as well as 7 days a week.

      We have also looked into adding the private messaging as well as other feature options as had the other site, and are hoping that the private messaging feature will be added sometime in March.

      As for the "voting" options, in viewing what ratings members, moderators, and experts are getting, quite a few "thumbs down", I find extremely sad that members feel the need to give these so negatively. Especially when we are trying to help in resolving issues in the best way we can. What is even sadder, is these votes are not always coming from the poster, but by other members who do not realize the work we put in outside of this Community in helping these specific members get treated fairly.

      Our main focus in this Community is reaching out to help others gain the information that is needed in resolving their issue's at hand. Most, are escalated to the Care Teams or Experts for we do not have the means to gain access to certain types of information. So this could be perceived as "to many cook's in the kitchen" so to speak.

      What should be focused on is making the MySears Community a positive experience, not for new members to come in and look at the votes and think that their is no compassion or that they are given false information, especially when they look at the moderators, Care Team or Experts votes, all being a negative factor.

      As I mentioned to Tradesman, we value your opinion on what features should be added or changed in making this a more member-friendly positive Community for we would really love to hear it.

      We all have opinions in regards to the MySears Community, so I do appreciate hearing your honesty in how you personally viewed it ServiceLocally.

      Hope you both have a great day! ;)

    2. In response to ServiceLocally

      Wendy, are you and Julie the only ones with the power to delete comments? I'd think that the Community Manager and all the rest would be able to delete as well, and do.

      Is this a community or just a question and answer site? If it is a community then the deleting should stop. On the old site we knew why we where being deleted. Julie would get out the ruler and slap our hands in a private message. Here we have no idea what we did wrong.

    3. In response to ServiceLocally

      Hi ServiceLocally,

      If there was any deleting of post involved, it would only be in the better interest of the Community. Any bashing of others or inappropriate remarks that are not geared towards the topic involved may have been deleted.

      At times, it is very easy for negativity to escalate in some of these topics and at most, the member is not even a participant in the escalating, this in turn can cause deletion of posts.

      But on a positive not, we have been pushing hard in getting the "private messaging" back into play. This is very important feature so that we can once again communicate with our members on a private level in letting them know when and why a post has been removed.

      As you mentioned, it can be very frustrating, and we do not want our members to feel in the least that their voice is not valued in this Community and to feel that they are being targeted.

      Again, I do appreciate you bringing forth your concerns for we are listening and trying to make changes for the better. ;)

    4. In response to ServiceLocally

      Here is one of my comments that was removed. It was to Civcsi, there is no bashing and nothing derogatory. It does mention Heretohelp, who was very helpful on the old site. It was within the topic range.


      Removed comment.

      "There have been plenty of examples of it not working that way on the old site. Heretohelp got one person their money back for them after a year of no refund. Sears' system is so broken it does not work the way it should.

      There never should of been a charge, there only should of been an authorization. The charge should be done at time of packing, right before calling for pickup for shipment."

      I don't care what gets removed nor have I ever voted a comment down. Just really really odd the stuff that gets removed.

    5. In response to ServiceLocally


      Thank you for sharing Service, as I mentioned earlier, getting the "private messaging" up will truly help in resolving issues such as these.

      My hope is that we can get this Community to a place where everyone is at a happy place in providing helpful suggestions, tips, and sharing more of a positive nature. I know we have all had a few bad experiences in one way or another, whether it be Sears or somewhere else, but what needs to be focused on, is how can we fix it to ease the frustration of others.

      I appreciate your input on these matters for its important to know what our members think and feel.

      It has been a very enlightening chit chat with you for which has helped getting to know you better as member.

      So I thank you for opening up! If I do not answer if you re-post, I will be off for the next couple of days.

      Please let us know if there any other issues that need to come to light for I am going to start a new post tonight on this topic.

      Tradesman, I truly apologize for using your post for I should have stated a whole new topic. ;)

    6. In response to ServiceLocally

      By the very nature of a board like this, there are going to be unhappy customers posting. A customer who is not able to get their issue resolved at the store or so called "customer service" level will come here.

      Sadly, many of the responses are somewhat condescending, telling the customer why they are wrong and Sears is right.

      Expecting this to be a someplace where "everybody is at a happy place" is unrealistic, if you want an honest and helpful board. If you want a Sears propaganda vehicle, where any negative opinions are silenced, you can create that, but it is not going to mean that people are happy

    7. In response to ServiceLocally

      Actually there were several moderators on the old site, some were Sears employees and some worked for Viewpoints. For example Paula Z was a viewpoints employee

  5. Hi Tradesman,

    Welcome to the new MySears Community its great to have you here with us!

    I personally do not know what the old Community looked like for I had started right after the new format took over. There are still a few additional features to add to make it more member friendly and that should be happening shortly such as recent activities. One, would be new posts being made on starter topics, which would be great!

    As far as the "helpful" tabs, this will not show whom has voted and as far as I can see at times it is not used properly. I do think that it will show on your end if you have voted on a members response but will not be viewed by others.

    Otherwise it is a great Community with some wonderful members!

    Julie has spoken highly of you and I am happy to hear that medically you are doing better and back to participating with others.

    Please let us know what else you might come across in our new Community that is not quite so user-friendly for we would love to have you share it with us.

    Have a great day!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Wendy, on the first landing page is shows who likes and dislikes a comment (up vote or down vote). Including if we like our own comments. Even your likes and dislikes are noted.

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I had no idea! I was under the impression that no one could see it but yourself. It could be when I look at the front page it only shows a few of the recent activities so I have really not seen any "likes" or "dislikes" when viewing.

      Good to know! Thank you for clarifying that for us it is greatly appreciated!

      Learn something new everyday LOL ;)

    3. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      @SHC WendyFD-2
      @Service Locally

      Excellent feedback for learning,
      and from the both of you as an extra bonus!

      So, I was seeing what I saw correctly
      and as intended!

      Learning something new, always
      adds new dimension to our lives.

      So nice to meet you both!
      Here's a gift of two, shiny thumbs up!