Oasis HE is making marble rattling sounds when draining

My Oasis HE washer sounds like marbles rattling. It seems to come from the rear of the washer when it is draining. How do I fix that? It is model # 110.27082602. If it requires dissassembly of the washer, could you please send me a link to the DETAILED instructions (starting with the basics)? Thank you!


4 answers

  1. We have the same!!! I dislike this washer my clothes are always in knots when I pull them out.

  2. you have coins in the drain pump ..a very common problem with this truly take care of the problem,you have to remove the basket to get the coins still under the basket

  3. Sorry for the delayed answer. I have not hear this particular complaint before. I understand the drain pump is working and draining the water out but you are hearing noises during the drain cycle. I believe there are two options. Something is in the drain pump or there is something under the wash basket. It is a difficult problem to pin down since the basket would need to be removed to check under it and the washer would need to be laid down on it's front panel to access the drain pump. If you are a do-it-yourselfer then try to Google Oasis drain pump and removing basket and see if a video is avialble showing how this is done. You can also check the Manage My Life sife for instructions showing how to access the drain pump and remove the basket. Remember to unplug the washer first.

  4. First post on the .new' site and no technical answer yet. Not a very good start.