ok i live four hours away from the nearsest anything and i need a new tv and would like to check out the lease option for one and sears do i have to go to the store to apply as i know that i do not qualify for a credit line i have tried already


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  1. Hi there, fricket! Welcome to MySears! The new leasing option is a pretty great way to go, especially around the holidays! You will need to visit your local store to make that leasing purchase and your first payment.

    Click here for details on the Sears Leasing Program and get your application started today.

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      Nearly everything these days is done online. It seems a bit archaic that there is not an online application process. Like most, I do not want to divulge all of my information face to face only to be told that I am not approved. I prefer the anonymity of being rejected online. Laughable, but honest. I do see that, once upon a time, online applications were permitted through What happened with that? Lastly, is there a credit check? The website says, "no credit needed," but this does not mean there is no credit check? I doubt it. However, there is nothing mentioned under qualification. I'm curious. Thank you.

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      Hi HalloweenQueen! Welcome to MySears! I would recommend giving the WhyNotLeaseIt folks a call. They can quickly provide you with all of the answers to your questions.



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      Whatever Sears says, don't believe it. If you think they are archaic for not having an on line app process, they really are behind the times for customer service. What am I saying? This company has no idea what customer service is anyway. Save yourself a lot of hassle, go somewhere else. Anywhere.