Old craftsman Garage Door Opener – Works with the wall switch but not remotes. The green light on the wall switch continually blinks.

Recently replaced the sensors and these work correctly (one had stopped working). Help!


3 answers

  1. It is the lock switch was pressed accidentally. All you have to do is press the lock switch a few times until the green LED stop blinking then you can use your remote again. The purpose of the lock switch is for use when you are away from your home and do not want anyone access to your garage. It is sometimes called vacation lock switch.

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    I would be happy to forward your inquiry to our Sears Experts to see if they can help in fixing this issue with you. Do you by chance know the model number? This may be very useful to our Experts in methods to try.

    Once a response posts, I will be reaching out via email providing a link back to this thread for further contact with our Expert.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi AndyPok, The GDO wall switch is hooked to the overhead control by 2 wires and there may be a loose connection at either the overhead or the wall control. To reprogram the wireless control use the owners manual that came with the GDO to erase and reprogram all the wireless
    units to the overhead. It you do not have the Owners Manual just reply to this link and provide me a model number and I will get you a link for it. Bill